Main Hoon Aparajita 2nd November 2022 Written Update:

Main Hoon Aparajita 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mohini welcoming Pup who accompanied the young ladies. Little dog expresses as per what Mohini said she brought every one of the young ladies here. Mohini expresses profound gratitude. Akshay comes and calls Mohini to a side. Mohini comes to Akshay.

Akshay tells Mohini that Aparajita is remaining in the clothing. Mohini says she knows. Akshay asks what are these individuals here for? Mohini says today is Durga ashtami and says we will do Kanya Pooja here. Mohini shares with Akshay that she moved Dadi higher up. Akshay asks Mohni for what valid reason did she do that?

Mohini says Dadi realizes Aparjita is here even after I removed her telephone and says she moved Dadi higher up so any undesirable individuals can’t meet her. Akshay concurs. Little dog tells Mohini that she brought the youngsters from Aparajita’s home and says how Aparajita saw that time.

Disha objections to Aparajita about their neighbor’s way of behaving. Chavi inquires as to whether this time there will be Kanya Pooja or not. Aparajita says will be there in no time flat. Mohni gives the gold coin to each grown-up. Chavi brings some road youngsters and inquires as to whether they can do Kanya Pooja with these kids.

Aparjita says they can and instructs the young ladies. Mohini requests that the young ladies get down from the furnishings. Doggy additionally says they came here for Pooja. Mohini calls the servant Preeti to clean their legs. One of the young ladies inquires as to whether she won’t perfect their legs and says Aparajita cleans their legs everytime. Mohini tells the young lady she isn’t Aparajita.

Little dog likewise upholds Mohini. The young ladies play cheerfully with Aparajita. In Mohini’s home, they serve Pizza to eat. The children say they don’t need this and say they need to eat Halwa Puri that Aparjita makes. Mohini requests that they shut up and eat. The children could do without Mohini’s way of behaving and they won’t eat her food and take off from to Aparajita’s home. Mohini attempts to stop the children however they don’t pay attention to her. The guardians offer back her gold coin and leave from that point.

The children come to Aparajita’s clothing and say they additionally need to eat her Halwa puri and grievance about Mohini’s way of behaving. Aparjita requests that they plunk down. Mohini shares with Aparajita that she didn’t win by doing this. Aparajita says she is accepting this as a success and misfortune and not her. Aparajita requests that Mohini eat Halwa puri and requests that Mohini take some for Dadi. Mohini tells Aparjita that she moved Dadi higher up and says she will ensure Dadi doesn’t get her Halwa Puri.

Aparajita comes to Dadi’s room window through the stepping stool and calls Dadi. Dadi sees Aparjita and goes to her. Dadi asks Aparajita how could she come here? Aparjita says she came here to cause her to eat Halwa puri. Disha holds the stepping stool.

Dadi acclaims Aparajita. Aparajita tells Dadi that she came here for Swardh. Dadi tells Aparajita that Mohini took her telephone. Aparajita gives another telephone to Dadi. Aparajita reviews she failed to remember the charger. Aparjita calls Disha and says she failed to remember the charger. Disha says she will call Chavi. Disha settles on a gathering decision to Chavi and shares with Chavi that Aparajita failed to remember the charger.

Chavi looks for the charger. Disha likewise associates Asha to know the development of Mohini. Asha sees Mohini going higher up. Asha gets the call and tells Disha to move Aparajita away. Disha says Aparajita failed to remember the charger. Aparajita requests that Asha stop Mohini some way or another. Chavi finds the charger and says she tracked down the charger on the telephone. Aparajita requests that Chavi bring the charger rapidly.

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