Main Hoon Aparajita 1st November 2022 Written Update:

Main Hoon Aparajita 1st November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aparajita telling the installment add up to the client. Woman apologizes to Aparajita for not aiding her in the last evening and tells her that her little girl in regulation didn’t permit her. Aparajita says it’s fine and conveys her bundle.

She requests that Woman meet Amma regularly so they are familiar her and Amma doesn’t feel desolate. Woman concurs and says wish everybody get little girl in regulation like you. She says tomorrow is Kanya puja at your place and I will send my granddaughter. Aparajita says it’s benefit. Woman says to remain along these lines and doesn’t get crushed. Aparajita says she will not get crushed as she has her little girls.

Guffran and Disha return to the shop cheerfully. Aparajita asks them what occurred as they look so cheerful. Disha doesn’t allow Guffran to uncover about Mohini. Mohini comes there saying how horrendously awful of you. She lets Disha know that she will deal with her later. She asks Aparajita how challenge she to reside as their neighbor and asks didn’t she get any spot.

Aparajita says you don’t have right to address me. Mohini says I know your aims yet I won’t allow you to grab anything from me, your home, spouse, Mangalsutra everything is mine so leave straightaway from here.

Aparajita requests that her children take care of their responsibilities as Mohini concurred without anyone else that she grabbed my things. She tells Mohini ‘you don’t have a clue about the worth of mangalsutra and it’s mangalsutra until I wore it however presently it’s simply gold chain in your neck’ She says you got crushed by grabbing things from me and you’re unreliable that is the reason came here to battle with me.

Aparajita requests that Disha set up for Kanya puja. She lets Mohini know that she will not fail to remember her obligations and will do Kanya puja in her place. Mohini says she won’t allow Puja to occur. Aparajita requests that she quit seeing dreams. She tosses water at Mohini’s face and attempts to wipe her face however Mohini stops her. Aparajita says wish it’s not difficult to clean your spirit like I cleaned your face. Mohini leaves.

Mohini calls her sibling and requests that he take care of her responsibilities right away assuming he is actually her sibling. Chavi says Mohini left out of resentment, trusting she will not make an issue for our Kanya Puja. Meenakshi comes there with hooligans. Hooligans hold Guffran firmly.

Meenakshi requests that they cause Aparajita to clear the house by tossing things. Hooligans attempt to enter inside however Chavi and Disha attempt to stop them. Aparajita cautions hooligans to break their heads. Meenakshi says seems like you gain Rowdygiri from your girl. Aparajita reminds Meenakshi about their arrangement and advises her that she really wants to give them notice assuming she believes them should abandon the spot. Meenakshi says the arrangement time is finished and just 15 days left. Aparajita says 15 days are left.

Mr.Chadda comes there and requests that Aparajita stay at their place with the right as they are paying them lease. Aparajita says thanks to him. He tells her he broadened the agreement for a long time and gives her the understanding. Aparajita expresses gratitude toward him. Meenakshi says she is concurring a result of her better half and advises her that she wants to twofold the lease after the understanding. They leave. Aparajita applies ice to Guffran marks.

Manish calls Mohini and illuminates her Meenakshi flopped in her arrangement. Mohini says she won’t allow Aparajita to live calmly. Amma comes there and tells her that she can do nothing to her girl and we will get prasad from Aparajita. Mohini breaks the cup. Amma says I would rather not see your face everyday, wish Aparajita take me from here in any case it’s great to dead. Mohini says she will kill her.
Mohini calls Rohit and Adin. Mohini tells them Dadi needs to go up. She requests that they send Dadi up with practically no inconvenience for Dadi.

Aparajita truly does medical aid for Guffran. Asha says there is no contrast between their life and school as one test comes after another. Aparajita shows a daily existence illustration and empowers them. Every one of the young ladies alongside Aparajita dance for Kaala Chasma melody.

Aparajita considers Dadi and says how she feels without Dadi. Every one of the young ladies embrace to comfort Aparajita. Rohit and Adin take Dadi higher up and place her in the visitor room. Dadi asks them for what reason did they bring her higher up.

Mohini says she will remain here considering Aparajita. Mohini tells Dadi that she can remain here. Mohini leaves from that point. Dadi cries to herself considering Aparajita. The little girls select a saree for Aparajita. The young ladies choose to do a makeover for Aparajita. Chavi acclaims Aprajita saying she looks shocking.

Aparajita sees the neighbors accompanying the young ladies and welcomes them inside. They say they are going to Mohini’s home. Aparajita says she previously informed them that they will do Kanya Pooja here. Little dog says they know however Mohini is giving a gold coin for a Kanya. Doggy acclaims Mohini and takes the young ladies there.

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