Main Hoon Aparajita 31st October 2022 Written Update:

Main Hoon Aparajita 31st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aparajita buying things required for puja. She counts the chunri set. She says they are 8 and 1 is absent. The retailer says it’s the last set and he might arrange it assuming she told him previously. Doggy comes there. She says I heard Mohini toss you out the previous evening it implies you’re not the bahu of that house.

Aparajita says the fact of the matter is before you and nobody can have the spot with the exception of Shiv Ji. Environment changes. Mohini leaves in her vehicle. Devi maa chunri flies from Akshay’s home and falls on Aparajita. Aparajita feels glad to get it. Aparajita says Little dog you hear talks well however you’re hard of hearing when we call you for help. Pup leaves to the side.

Akshay comes there and asks what’s she doing in the settlement. He asks where are his little girls and tells her that he is stressed over them. Aparajita says they are her little girls. She uncovers to him they are remaining in the clothing house to battle for their privileges.

Akshay says you need to get back at me that is what you’re remaining doing here to let individuals know that I’m a low level man who tosses out his significant other and girls from the house. Aparajita says it’s reality so don’t bother telling anybody. Akshay requests that she not cross her cutoff points. Aparajita says till presently I’m in limits however you toss me out and the individual who’s before you mother of my children. She attempts to leave saying she is getting late for puja.

Akshay is going to say she is as yet his significant other yet he stops. Aparajita returns and lets him know that their relationship finished long back. Akshay says you rejected my skilled house and remaining in third grade place. He gets some information about it.

Aparajita derides him for purchasing a house in a town that is a long way from their school and her shop. Doggy and others grin at him. Akshay requests that they leave. He advises Aparajita that they need to save their little girls from outsiders. Aparajita says her little girls have dread of close to ones. She leaves.

Disha and Chavi go to the nearby tap for water where women tattle about how Akshay toss them in the evening. Chavi feels awful. Disha censures them then she advises Chavi that she doesn’t have to feel awful. Chavi grins and says she is a solitary piece.

Mohini emerges from the vehicle. She inquires as to whether the vehicle gets fixed or not. The driver says they need to call the specialist as he isn’t grasping the issue. Mohini admonishes him and leaves by walk. Disha gets a call and she goes to the carport to gather their van in the wake of illuminating Chavi. Go sends messages to Chavi through kids. Chavi gets intrigued perusing his messages. Go comes there and helps the woman by lifting the water bowl for her. Woman favors him. Then, he helps Chavi.

Mohini thinks she figured it will be the greatest day of her life yet everything conflicting with her. That time she gets Akshay’s call yet she doesn’t answer the call. Go is going to go with Chavi. Another woman calls him for help. He goes to her. Mohini doesn’t see them.

Aparajita requests that Asha check with her sisters as they didn’t return getting water. That time Chavi gets back with water. She becomes flushed contemplating Go. Aparajita inquires as to why she is grinning. Chavi doesn’t say anything and inquires as to whether everything is prepared for Kanya puja. Aparajita says she called everybody except two individuals don’t go to her calls. Asha inquires as to whether they come to their home. Aparajita says the house is changed and we didn’t change why mightn’t they at any point send their children? Somebody thumps on the entryway. She goes to check.

Mohini on the call lets her sibling know how Akshay is concerned for his little girls. That time she gets the driver’s call. She goes to it. The driver tells her the vehicle is prepared. She requests that he come soon. Then she inquires as to whether he finds where Aparajita and her little girls are remaining. Manish says he thinks they are close to their place.

Mohini says it’s her test that they won’t get back to this spot and in the event that it works out, I will meander the settlement by obscuring my face. He says he adores her certainty and detaches the call. Mohini emerges and actually takes a look at her telephone while hanging tight for her vehicle. Disha comes there with her van and she passes through a puddle. Sloppy cascades all over. Mohini sees it’s Disha’s van and blows up at her.

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