Sanjog 31st October 2022 Written Update:

Sanjog 31st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gauri getting inside Chanda and Tara’s room. She takes steps to hurt them to get the secret key of gems room from Amrita. The last option gets stressed for the children and lets Gauri know that Tara is her own youngster. Gauri giggles and uncovers that she definitely had some awareness of reality and reviews the time how she track down about it. Amrita becomes stunned seeing her response, while Gauri expresses that she couldn’t care less about the children and requests for the secret key rigorously. While, Amrita demands Gauri to allow her one day to consider it.

Amrita makes a solicitation to Gauri and the last option gets persuaded. She ask Amrita not to oversmart and goes from that point, while Amrita feels terrified for her children. She then, at that point, petitions the God and request an answer. Around then Gopal comes there while she feels terrified seeing him. He helps her and shows his appreciation towards her for assisting him with meeting his girl. He guarantees her that he won’t bring on any issue in the house.

Gopal talks about his little girl being Chanda and says thanks to Amrita for leaving her alone with them. Amrita gets stunned discovering that Gopal knows nothing about reality and gets a plan to overcome Gauri. She becomes cheerful and shows her appreciation towards God. She then begins working inside the kitchen, when Gauri comes there and goes up against her for the secret key.

Amrita gives a befitting answer to Gauri and denies to give the secret phrase to her. Gauri compromises Amrita while the last option cautions her back expressing that she will uncover reality to Gopal that Chanda isn’t his girl. Gauri becomes stunned while Amrita ask Gauri not to coerce her once more and get some information about the results.

Gauri gets confused and cautions Amrita not to tell anything to Gopal. She becomes worried for him while Amrita request that Gauri stay in her breaking point. In the mean time, Gauri gets enraged and goes inside Ranjini’s space to clean it. She gets restless and envisions her appearance provoking her. It declares that Gauri can always be unable to satisfy her fantasy.

Ahead, Gauri gets angry and breaks the fragrance out of resentment. Around then Ranjini comes there while Gauri promptly conceals inside the pantry to save herself. Ranjini sees the wrecked fragrance and ends up being befuddled. She then, at that point, takes a gander at the pantry and thinks that it is open. She goes towards it and sees Gauri concealing inside it.

Ranjini attacks Gauri and slapped her, while the last option gets irate. She was going to draw out her blade to hurt Ranjini when Amrita comes there and stops them. She brings up that both are to blame and request that Gauri talk pleasantly so everybody can hear her and declares that Ranjini fouled up by slapping her and apologizes for it. Gauri leaves from that point, while Rajeev sees Tara’s outcome and faults Amrita for her imprints.

Further, Amrita says that Tara has improved and stands firm for herself while others insults her for not thinking often about Tara. In the mean time, Amrita values Chanda for finishing her schoolwork while Tara becomes envious of them. While, Gauri whines about the circumstance to Gopal and says that she needs to satisfy her fantasy. He says that they quit taking and request that she change while she denies and erroneously uncovers about Chanda not being his girl, while he gets stunned.

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