Meet 3rd November 2022 Written Update:

Meet 3rd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Get Ahlawat waking together from bed and seeing a cake and bouquet on the table. He grins seeing “I love you” on cake. Meet Ahlawat thinks the cake is from Meet and messages Meet saying he is feeling the loss of her and requests that she come here. Masum sees Neelam and thinks about the photographs she took of Meet Ahlawat and Meet’s sentiment.

Ragini requests that Ishani eat something. Ishani tells Ragini that she is a major busybody. Babita questions Ishani about how might she converse with Ragini like this. Babita asks Ishani what occurred with her that she is this careless.

Ishani inquires as to whether she is equipped for dealing with reality and attempts to tell Babita. Ragini intercedes and lets Ishani know that she can share with her. Ishani inquires as to whether she truly cares and departs from that point. Babita tells Ragini she never saw somebody her age this furious and with such disdain. Ragini says she will deal with Ishani. Babita leaves from that point.

Meet sees the cake and thinks it is from Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat embraces Meet from the back. Meet Ahlawat expresses gratitude toward Meet for the astonishment. Meet says she arranged nothing unexpected for himself and says she thought this shock was his.

Masum attempts to incite Neelam by showing the photographs that she took of Meet Ahlawat and Meet. Neelam seeing the photographs gets restless and transforms into Laila. At the point when Masum stands infront of Neelam showing her back. Laila takes a weapon and attempts to wound Masum. In any case, Babita calls Masum and she leaves from that point.

Meet chooses to inquires as to whether she is the person who brought the cake. Meet Ahlawat says she never felt Neelam thought like that of him. Meet says we ought to initially figure out what is in Neelam’s brain.

Meet approaches Neelam what she feels for Meet Ahlawat. Neelam doesn’t address the inquiry and attempts to leave from that point. Address Ahlawat says there is no issue for her to reply in the event that she doesn’t need it. Meet causes Neelam to swear on Meet Ahlawat and inquires as to whether she is the person who put the cake and blossoms in Meet Ahlawat’s room and inquires as to whether she prefers Meet Ahlawat. Neelam says she enjoys Meet Ahlawat and says she attempted to control herself however she proved unable.

Babita comes and asks Meet who is she to find out if she cherishes her better half or not. Babita reminds Meet that she is here simply because of Raj and says she is ex of Meet Ahlawat and says Neelam is the spouse of Meet Ahlawat.

Meet Ahlawat asks Babita not to remark on things she doesn’t have any idea. Babita asks Meet Ahlawat what is reality? Meet Ahlawat attempts to come clean yet Meet stops him. Masum tells Babita that she saw Meet Ahlawat and Meet getting together. Babita requests that Masum show assuming she has any evidence.

Masum says she has photographs that she took of Meet Ahlawat and Meet. Masum says she additionally showed them to Neelam. Neelam denies what Masum said and says Masum didn’t show any photographs to her. Masum says she is lying and looks for the photographs to show them to Babita.

Neelam behaves like she swooned and takes Masum’s telephone while she tumbled down. Babita and everybody becomes stressed over Neelam. Masum sees that there are no photographs and says Neelam is acting. Masum says Neelam erased the photographs to save Endlessly meet Ahlawat. Babita says enough, you’re lying Masum not Neelam as a spouse won’t ever attempt to save her significant other’s ex.

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