Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Kareena advises Police controller to capture Anjali for attempting to kill Rishabh. Arjun says that it was a mishap. She says that Anjali did it intentionally and peon is an observer. Police captures Anjali. Arjun says that Anjali is honest.

Kareena asks him that how might he safeguard Anjali when he guaranteed that Luthras resemble his loved ones. She says that regulation will take care of it’s business. Anjali lets Arjun know that she sat idle so she isn’t terrified. Arjun tells her that he will accompany legal counselor. Police takes Anjali from that point. Arjun gets some information about Rishabh’s condition.

Kareena requests that he quit showing counterfeit concern. She advises him that he previously attempted to kill Rishabh. He tells her that he did in no way like that. She cautions him to avoid Luthras and leaves from that point. He calls legal counselor and he converses with him about Anjali’s bail.

Specialist illuminates Luthras that Rishabh is fine at this point. Preeta goes to purchase prescriptions. Luthras goes to see Rishabh. Arjun reviews Preeta and Kareena’s words. He imagines that Rishabh merited this so he would rather not see Rishabh. He says that he has see that Luthras coming clean or not.

Rakhi asks Rishabh that for what valid reason he was not cautious while driving. Mahesh and Srishti advices Rishabh. Rishabh says that he drives well and it was not his mix-up that mishap occurred. Kareena comes there and she embraces Rishabh. He requests that she quit crying. She illuminates him about Anjali’s capture.

She says that she won’t extra Anjali. He tells her that they ought to really look at the realities first. She gets some information about it to Preeta. Preeta goes into the room. She says that she is happy Rishabh is fine at this point. Police puts Anjali in the slammer. Legal counselor requests that Arjun come to police headquarters to sign on the papers.

Specialist lets Luthras know that they can bring Rishabh back home yet Rishabh need rest. Preeta inquires as to whether he is contemplating anything. Srishti enlightens her concerning Anjali’s capture. Preeta says that Anjali merits discipline for her misstep. Rishabh tells her that it very well may be a mishap. Rakhi requests that he not question Preeta’s aim. Srishti says that Anjali concealing something from them without a doubt. Sameer says that Anjali can do anything for Arjun. Dadi requests that they quiet down and finish the release system.

In the police headquarters, Arjun’s administrator gives the CCTV film to Police assessor. Preeta comes there. In the interim, Luthras goes into Luthra house. Kavya embraces Rishabh. She lets him know that she conversed with Arjun on video call and Anjali helped her. Kareena says that seems like peon said reality. Srishti says that Anjali did it on Arjun’s command.

Preeta requests that Police investigator not leave Anjali. Arjun insults her. Police discharges Anjali. Police auditor illuminates Preeta that Anjali got bail. Preeta says that it should be phony evidence. Arjun tells her that she would have cherished Rishabh before marriage as well. She chides him and leaves from that point. Afterward, Preeta gives drugs to Rishabh. She illuminates him about Anjali’s bail.

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