BhagyaLakshmi 15th November 2022 Written Update:

BhagyaLakshmi 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shalu giving frozen yogurt to Rano. Rano inquires as to whether she brought two frozen yogurts. Shalu says she brought her two frozen yogurts. Shalu requests that Bani and Neha come and get frozen yogurt. Shalu gives frozen yogurt to Neha however she dismisses it.

Neha whines to Rano that Shalu is very close with Ayush nowadays. Rano likewise says she additionally saw her with Ayush. Rano asks Shalu not to take the lift from Ayush from here on out. Shalu attempts to make sense of however Rano doesn’t pay attention to her. Shalu concurs and says she won’t take Ayush’s lift from here onward. Rano supposes on the off chance that Neha turns into the girl in law of the Oberoi family, she will have the advantage.

Neelam comes and asks Rishi where could Lakshmi be? Rishi says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea and says she may be in the kitchen. Rishi goes to the kitchen. Neelam thinks Lakshmi isn’t in the kitchen and ponders where did Lakshmi go.

Kiran inquires as to whether the break quick is prepared. Shankar says OK. Kiran requests that Shankar proceed to call Malishka. He concurs. Shankar goes to Malishka’s room and sees that Malishka’s room is totally screwed up. Shankar requests that Kiran come rapidly.

Kiran comes and sees Malishka’s room is totally screwed up and requests that Shankar search for Malishka in the house. Shankar concurs. Shankar later comes and shares with Kiran that Malishka isn’t in the house. Kiran calls Abhay and says Malishka is missing and her room is totally screwed up. Kiran says somebody could have seized Malishka. Abhay gets stunned hearing this.

Abhay and Kiran come to the police headquarters. Abhay and Kiran gripe to the monitor that their girl Malishka is missing. The monitor asks what was the deal? Kiran says she met Malishka the previous evening and says all was great and says toward the beginning of the day Malishka’s room is totally screwed up and is missing. The examiner says they can record a missing individual grievance on the off chance that they are absent for 24 hrs. Abhay and Kiran contend with the reviewer about it. Kiran says she realizes who seized Malishka and says it is Lakshmi.

Dadi and Mukesh discuss where could Lakshmi be? Neelam comes and grumbles to Dadi about Lakshmi as she didn’t tell anybody where she was going. Karishma says there is compelling reason need to think often about her as Lakshmi will take off from this house soon. Dadi reminds Karishma that Lakshmi is this house little girl in regulation. Neelam says she is concerned something will happen due to Lakshmi. Dadi guarantees Neelam and says Lakshmi will just tackle their concerns. Neelam thinks every one of the issues are a direct result of Lakshmi.

Abhay shares with Kiran that he figures Lakshmi wouldn’t do any such thing and says Lakshmi doesn’t have the guts to make it happen. Kiran says with regards to Rishi she is significantly more trying than she looks. Kiran reminds Abhay how Lakshmi battled with the fear based oppressors for Rishi. Kiran says she is certain that Lakshmi is the person who captured Malishka. Abhay says then he won’t leave Lakshmi and says he will kill her.

Karishma asks Lakshmi where did she go? Lakshmi makes up an explanation and attempts to leave however Karishma asks when did she go out? Lakshmi says she went out toward the beginning of the day. Neelam says for what reason didn’t she let Rishi know when she went out? Lakshmi says when she was going out Rishi is in the latrine and says she went in a rush. Lakshmi leaves from that point.

Rishi asks Lakshmi where did she go? Lakshmi makes up an explanation. Rishi comprehends that Lakshmi is deceiving her. Rishi shares with Lakshmi that he comprehends that she is lying and requests that Lakshmi come clean. Lakshmi says there isn’t anything and requests that he prepare for the show.

Neelam and Karishma discuss Lakshmi and contemplate where did Lakhsmi go. Sonia goes higher up. While Rishi is leaving Lakshmi embraces Rishi and says the very best to him in his show. Rishi inquires as to whether she won’t come clean even at this point. Rishi says he realizes she will come clean when all is good and well. Sonia figures Lakshmi didn’t come clean to even Rishi.

Karishma shares with Neelam they ought to ask Rishi where did Lakshmi go. Neelam says Lakshmi could not have possibly expressed anything to Rishi. Rishi comes ground floor and asks them where could Ayush be? Mukesh says Ayush showed up for a party the previous evening. Rishi requests that Karishma and Neelam converse with Ayush. Rishi leaves from that point.

Abhay calls Virendra and asks where is he ? Virendra says he is in the house. Abhay says he needs to converse with him and say they are coming to their home. Virendra inquires as to whether all is well. Abhay says no and says he will come and talk there. Virendra shares with Neelam that Abhay is coming here and says Abhay said everything isn’t correct. They contemplate for what reason are they coming here. Karishma thinks they are coming to discuss Lakshmi. Lakshmi is by all accounts reviewing something.

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