Imlie 15th November 2022 Written Update:

Imlie 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Chini let Devika know that she came to go to the hawan alone as Rupy isn’t well. Imlie comes down the stairs with Arto. Visitors praise Imlie saying she truly looks great with Atharv. Kia requests that Chini accomplish something as opposed to gazing. Chini says she made every one of the game plans.

Jatin goes into Raha house in camouflage as a Godman for certain men. Imlie gets glad to meet Chini. She goes to send her sonnets to Avinash. Jatin plays with Chini saying he cut the Wifi and ensured noone can illuminate the police after their arrangement execution. He inquires as to whether she will allow an opportunity to their relationship after their prosperity.

Chini figures this plan will help her as it were. She will get a super durable spot in Rana house. Jatin requests that she take a selfie. Imlie sees her telephone network is no more. She removes Chini’s telephone to turn on the area of interest. Chini and Jatin get stunned. Chini reclaims her telephone and tells Imlie her telephone has no organization as well. Imlie asks Jatin what Babaji is doing here. Chini lies he is doing jaap in each side of the house.

Imlie takes Chini with her and peruses out the sonnets to take her survey. Chini feels exhausted and behaves like she preferred them. She then, at that point, discards the sonnets in the dustbin and Arto stops her. He says how might she disregard her diligent effort like that. He uncovers that he cherished her sonnets prior to adoring her.

She gets shocked knowing that, she figures she won’t tell Arto that she isn’t the essayist yet Imlie is. She adds she is simply doing it as a side interest. Arto says her sonnets invigorated him battle the chances as well. He demands her to present a sonnet which he cherished that day. Chini stammers and Shivani comes there. Chini leaves and Shivani requests that Arto not commit any mix-up, he could do without Imlie yet he is hitched so he ought to fail to remember his cutoff points.

Imlie gets done with talking over call and Shivani insults her for not dealing with her obligations. Assuming she is indiscreet like that, another person will remove the things that has a place with her. Imlie looks for God’s favors to deal with everything. Kia asks Chini when she will execute her arrangement? Arto requests that Imlie sing Bhajan which she arranged. Imlie falters and Chini says the hawan will be fragmented in the event that she doesn’t sing.

Imlie feels apprehensive and Arto plays woodwind. Imlie sings Om Jay Jagdish tune and everybody applauds. Jatin tosses a few fixings in the hawan fire and smoke is made. All starts hacking and Jatin signals his men to take the gems of the women. Imlie sees that the Godman is phony.

She attempts to stop them however Jatin drives her away. Arto holds Imlie and afterward he thrashes Jatin before he takes off. Jatin’s men begin beating Arto and the last option gets injured on his head. Imlie surges towards the men unhesitatingly yet a flying blade wounds her hand.

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