Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 15th November 2022 Written Update:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dev and Vidhi providing the request to the server. Vidhi lets him know that mother sent really great for him. Dev gets amazed to see the things. She encourage him to don’t take outside food a ton. It will destroy his wellbeing. Dev acclaims Bimla’s cooking taste. Vidhi lets him know that her mother is master in all things.

Dev tells her they are out so we should discusses our own life. Vidhi asks him how long finished in Priya and Abhimanyu wedding? Does it adore or orchestrate marriage? Dev tells her that Abhimanyu told him that he had sentiments on Priya so he fixed his marriage with her. Vidhi gets a call from Abhimanyu.

Dev demands Vidhi to share what’s to her? Dev assists her with washing her hand. She requests that he wed. Dev asks her whom would it be advisable for him to wed? Vidhi is anxious hearing it. Abhimanyu calling her. Dev requests that she respond to him. Vidhi requests that he wed Amba.

Dev gets stunned to hear it. He asks her does she mindful what’s going on with’s she? Why she is getting it done? Vidhi shares with him it’s right thing. Everybody in his relatives were agonizing over him. Abhimanyu and Chithra needs to see him getting hitched to Amba. Server gives the bill to them.

Vidhi tells Dev that they are out. Talking about private matters here is on the right track. Dev requests that she assist him with washing his hand. Vidhi gestures to him. She shares with him that Amba is ideal match to him. He could wed her. She is an equivalent class of him.

Dev requests that she let him talk. Why she is bringing this point here? There is no class in marriage. Why she is attempting to persuade him to wed Amba. Vidhi tells him that he is frightening her like that generally. Dev objections that she ought to talk like that to him. Whom request that she persuade him to wed Amba.

Vidhi would not uncover the motivation to him. Dev asks her for what reason she is behind him? Vidhi grumblings that he fabricated a wall around his heart. He isn’t showing his affection to anybody. He was concealing his sentiments from others. In the interim, Arjun supplicates god to join Vidhi and Dev. He can’t get her in his life. Essentially he needs to see her get a blissful life.

Vidhi shares with Dev that everybody needs to see him getting hitched. He was not permitting anybody to propose anything in his life. Abhimanyu stressing over his life. Dev tells her that he figures out their arrangement. She has a reasonable setup with Abhimanyu it appears. For that reason he dropped his executive gathering and send her with him. Vidhi shares with him that Amba is on the right track to him. For what reason don’t he wed her? Vidhi lets him know that he will not permit others to converse with him.

Dev asks her doesn’t she disturbing him with her discussions? Vidhi grumblings that he is flying off the handle on her. He will not permit anybody to share what’s inside their heart because of his annoyance. She needs to admit this reality to him however she couldn’t in view of his displeasure. She admitted to him that she has sentiments on him. He adores him. Dev gets astonished to hear it. Vidhi leaves there to clean up. He gives towel to her. The two gazes one another.

Vidhi shares with Dev that she needs to cause him to persuade to wed Amba however wound up admitting her sentiments to him. His relatives were stressing over him. She did an error. Vidhi lets him know that they are getting late for the gathering. Dev dropped the gathering.

Vidhi tells him that as per him obligation is first. He dropped his gathering for the good of she. Dev tells her gives up back to home. In the interim, Abhimanyu is hanging tight for Vidhi’s call. Vidhi gets anxious pondering the episode. Abhimanyu calls her and he misjudges what is going on there that Dev consented to wed Amba. Abhimanyu requests that Chithra take Amba to home.

Precap: Vidhi will open up her sentiments to him and request that he say does he have any sentiments on her.

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