Imlie 14th November 2022 Written Update:

Imlie 14th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kia let Imlie know that she is the senior little girl in law of this house so Imlie ought to remain in her cutoff points. She will govern the house, as opposed to Imlie. Imlie answers that God must be the leader of everything not any other person. Kia feels Imlie isn’t bashful yet she is brilliant. Kia chooses to be over-shrewd to get Imlie out of the house.

Arto tells Chini that Imlie generally draws near to him because of conditions however he needs to be with Chini as it were. He demands Chini to leave for the present as anybody would recognize them together. Chini is going to leave however Kia gets her.

Kia says in the event that she is likewise against Imlie, the two of them can hold hands to toss Imlie out of Rana house. Chini says she remembered the amount Kia offended her. Kia advises her to fail to remember all that yet presently they can be together to design against Imlie. Kia figures she will isolate Chini and Arto. Chini feels she is simply acting to hold hands with Kia.

Arto expresses sorry for being late and Imlie lets Arto know that she can sit tight for him entire life. Following day Imlie composes sonnet and Avinash calls her maxim he wants three sonnets in one day or less. Imlie figures it will feverish and tire. Rana’s set up for a hawan and Imlie assumes the liability to make the arrangements.

She assumes she needs to complete all her work soon. Rudra leaves for meeting and says he will be back on time before the hawan. He additionally believes Imlie will deal with everything. Imlie hacks and Arto inquires as to whether she is fine.

Divya says on the off chance that Imlie can’t do the game plans then she can plainly tell them. Imlie says she is fine, she murmurs the sonnets while making arrangements and Arto asks her what’s going on with she? She says she is rehearsing for singing Bhajan. He says he didn’t realize she knows singing as well. Imlie thinks now she needs to sing too.

Rupy falls debilitated subsequent to taking medication and Arpita asks her not to go to Rana House. Just Chini will go. Chini reviews how she traded Rupy’s medication with some unacceptable one. She behaves like they shouldn’t go to the hawan however Arpita advises her to go there alone. Arto gets glad to realize Rathores including Chini are going to the hawan.

Jatin meets Chini and gives a present. She says he got it with her cash as it were. He asks her now she ought to come clean, she assumes she is simply involving Jatin for her arrangement. She lets him know that she began succumbing to him and she at last grasped his affection’s worth.

He accepts her effectively and she advises him to follow through with something. He concurs. Imlie reminds her sonnet lines and makes some commotion utilizing her fingers. Atharv advises her to rehash that. He gets his music piece after a ton of battle and he says thanks to her. The two of them get energized and Imlie likewise sorts out her sonnet lines. She embraces him and expresses gratitude toward him. The two of them feel abnormal..

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