Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Update:

Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Arjun reviews that how Preeta brought controlling request. He gets in his vehicle. He sees Preeta out and about and gazes her ( Yaara melody plays behind the scenes ). He leaves from that point. In the school, Kavya lets Anjali know that she have something to tell her. She tells her that she like her in light of the fact that the last option is a decent individual and heads inside. School staff sees that. Anjali’s vehicle gets hit with Rishabh’s vehicle unintentionally. Anjali and Rishabh loses their awareness.

In the clinic, Arjun inquires as to whether she is fine and what occurred. Anjali lets him know that she was taking the vehicle in switch then crash occurred. He affirms with Medical caretaker that Anjali is fine. Anjali requests that he deal with her since she has been released.

In the interim, Luthras gets stressed seeing Rishabh. Sameer lets them know that Rishabh is out of peril now. Kareena says that they didn’t tell about Rishabh’s mishap to Rakhi yet. Srishti says that she is happy it’s anything but a significant mishap. School staff lets them know that it seemed as though Anjali did this mishap intentionally.

Arjun assists Anjali with strolling. He requests that she not giggle. Anjali lets him know that it was a mishap and she is fine. She says that Arjun looks adorable out of frustration. He requests that she offer great commendation to him. Preeta calls him as criminal. She says that Anjali did Rishabh’s mishap on Arjun’s command. Arjun inquires as to whether Rishabh is fine.

Anjali apologizes to Preeta saying that it was 60 minutes. Srishti says that Anjali is lying. Preeta says that Anjali did this to intrigue Arjun on the grounds that Anjali love Arjun. Arjun cautions her to not talk like that about Anjali. Preeta says that she won’t extra Anjali. Arjun takes Anjali from that point.

Specialist advises Luthras to remain outside the room on the grounds that Rishabh needs rest. Sameer tells Luthras that Rakhi accompanying Mahesh. Rakhi comes there and cries seeing Rishabh. Preeta tells her that Rishabh will recapture his cognizance soon.

Arjun and Anjali arrives at the house. Anjali reviews that how Arjun stood firm for her. She lets him know that he conflicted with Preeta for her. He tells her that Rishabh is fine still Preeta blew up. She educates him that she is talking regarding him however he is discussing Rishabh and Preeta.

She says that it seems as though Arjun couldn’t care less about her yet he got envious that Preeta battled for Rishabh. She adds that she is happy he stood firm for her. He tells her that she is a notable individual in his life. He says that she have accomplished such a great deal for him till now.

Rishabh’s condition gets decline. Rakhi requests that God rebuff Anjali in the event that she fouled up. Kareena leaves the medical clinic. Arjun asks Anjali that what Kavya said. Anjali lets him know that Kavya love him to such an extent. Kareena brings police there. She advises Police monitor to capture Anjali for attempting to kill Rishabh.

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