Kundali Bhagya 4th November 2022 Written Update:

Kundali Bhagya 4th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Prithvi sees Arjun saving Kavya. Preeta embraces Kavya. Overseer Waghmare sees Prithvi pointing a firearm at regular people. He requests that regular folks move from that point. Prithvi shoots. Rishabh comes in before Preeta and Kavya to save them.

Police carries the safeguard to safeguard regular people. Arjun moves towards Prithvi to go after him. Rishabh advises Preeta to go out with Kavya. Arjun beat Prithvi up. Kavya won’t leave the room without Arjun. Rishabh likewise beat Prithvi up. Prithvi runs from that point. Kavya follows him.

Understudies emerges from the school. Luthras look through Kavya. Preeta requests that Kavya stop it. That’s what prithvi believes in the event that Kavya don’t stop then nobody will stop. He says that it seems to be Kavya will wind up arriving at his home.

Prithvi advises Manager to get Kavya and he runs from that point. Supervisor get Kavya. Police and Fear based oppressors begins shooting one another. Kavya requests that Manager leave her. Rishabh comes there and he beat Manager up. Arjun takes Kavya with him.

Manager beat Rishabh up. Kavya lets Arjun know that she needs to go to Rishabh. She requests that he save Rishabh. Arjun tells her to not move and he goes to save Rishabh. He beat Manager up. Prithvi hits Arjun from behind. Arjun loses his cognizance. Rishabh look through Kavya. Luthras look through Kavya.

Arjun asks Rishabh that for what valid reason the last option is looking through Kavya when he was with her. Rishabh asks him that for what valid reason the last option left Kavya. Arjun says that he lost his awareness while saving Kavya however Rishabh neglected to save her. He lets him know that he won’t extra him in the event that anything happened to Kavya.

Rishabh lets him know that Kavya is his girl. He requests that he not show like the last option is more worried about Kavya. Arjun says that Kavya is his girl. Rishabh holds his collar out of resentment. He lets him know that he won’t share Kavya and Preeta and leaves from that point. Arjun shouts that Kavya is his little girl and Preeta had a place with him.

Raja holds a blade close to Kavya’s neck. Luthras gets stunned seeing that. Preeta argues Raja to give Kavya. Luthras request that Arjun advise Raja to leave Kavya in light of the fact that Raja works for Arjun. Kavya says that blade is harming her. Raja advises everybody to move back.

Arjun requests that Examiner Waghmare follow through with something. Preeta hauls Arjun from that point. He inquires as to whether she is distraught. She lets him know that Kavya confronting this because of him. She says that Raja has hostility with Arjun so Raja doing got back at Arjun. She says that she don’t believe Arjun should wander around Kavya. Rishabh requests that she quiet down. Preeta and Rakhi advises Arjun to leave from that point.

Arjun clears out. Anjali follows him. He asks her that how could Preeta fault him. She requests that he center around Kavya as it were. She says that Preeta has a place with Rishabh now. Rishabh requests that Raja emerge. He says that he won’t extra him in the event that the last option hurt Kavya. Raja brings Kavya out. He uncovers that he connected bomb on Kavya’s body.

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