Imlie 4th November 2022 Written Update:

Imlie 4th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Imlie attempting to sort out how she might save Atharv. She attempts to begin the machines which were switched off. The machines begin working and Imlie feels cheerful. Rudra make an effort not to lose trust, they are coming. Imlie says she will beat her trepidation and do all that to save her significant other.

Specialist comes and converses with her over telephone. He finds out if she is certain she can do what he will say? She says OK and he tells her not push an infusion to Arto. Kia says Imlie cannot actually talk as expected how might she handle such a health related crisis. Rudra advises them to stay silent. Imlie attempts to push the infusion adhering to the directions, the entryway gets opened after some time and they all get inside. Specialist checks Atharv and says he is in stable condition now.

Rupy lets Chini know that regardless of the amount she attempts however Imlie will make things right everytime. Devika and Rudra express gratitude toward Imlie for saving Arto’s life. Devika says she can never be a curse for them yet she is a deliverer. Rudra likewise advises Shivani to figure out Imlie’s worth. Divya says however Arto is in this state as a result of Imlie, that can’t be neglected.

She leaves. Imlie goes to Atharv and he says she remains in his heart and he would have rather not harmed her. He sees Chini close to the entryway and communicates his affections for her. Imlie accepts he is showing adoration to her. Later she sees Chini and the last option comes in. Imlie says she won’t allow that offender to pull off it without any problem.

Shivani says she feels miserable for Arto, he arrived at emergency clinic following wedding. Devika says Imlie lacked the ability to play out the post wedding customs appropriately and presently dealing with Atharv. Divya says this is a result of the terrible sign.

Imlie comes ground floor and says she is all set to kitchen to make the principal dish after marriage. Rudra gets blissful and Kia figures she won’t allow Imlie to become MasterChef as she previously got an adequate number of gestures of recognition. Chini converses with Jatin that she moved the cash to him. She advises him to erase the recordings before police gets it.

Atharv calls Chini and asks her for what good reason she isn’t noting his calls. She begins her theatrics that she is conversing with his GS as they just have some familiarity with their genuine affection. He gets glad to realize that she cherishes him a ton. Devika comes to him and Arto acclaims Chini, Devika makes sense of how Arto can’t see Imlie’s endeavors for him. She took him to the emergency clinic and felt he is in risk when noone felt that. Devika advises him to open his eyes and see the truth. Imlie is presently making nourishment for him without taking rest.

Shivani advises Imlie to make Daal, roti for Atharv as he can’t eat sleek food. Imlie says she reviewed halwa recipe. She calls Sundar and requests his assistance to make the food. Sundar empowers her idiom she can do it as Pagdandiya’s favors is with her. Imlie readies the moti roti, Kia thinks she needed to destroy the food however it’s as of now demolished.

Rathores stress figuring Imlie could neglect to make great moti rotis and her parents in law will censure her. Chini says Arto eats mainland, he won’t like moti roti. Atharv says he will drink juice not food, Devika advises him to taste atleast. He sees the roti and asks what’s going on here? Imlie gets insulted.

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