Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 4th November 2022 Written Update:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 4th November 2022 Written Update on

Hariprasad Examining Vidhi regarding the bundle? Vidhi guarantees to him that it’s not her dress. She is clueless about this package. Bimla adds that she questions she did this to her. Who transfer her banner all over the place. She doesn’t have the foggiest idea why she is abhorring her this much? She will illuminate Dev about it.

Hariprasad requests that she quit taking his name in all things. Bimla adds that he is her chief. Hariprasad says that he is her father. He really focuses on her more than anybody. Everything happening as a result of him. He attacks her and leaves. In the interim, Abhimanyu ridiculing Brilliant cooking. He lauded Vidhi’s fortune cooking thought with Sathyavathi. Dev too valued her thought. Sathyavathi imparts to him that she never Dev loosened up this way. He generally occupied with his calls and meeting.

Dev gives all credits to Abhimanyu. He adds that colleagues enjoyed him definitely. From now on it’s his obligation to assume control over the business. Abhimanyu cleared with him that he just participated in his office. Just Dev can assume control over this business not him. Priya hated it. Dev requests that they talk with Chithra. Chithra guarantees to Priya that she will arrive at home in couple of moments.

Vidhi thinks why Amba is acting like this to her? She previously transformed her image for the banner and sent this bundle to destroy her family harmony. She is demolishing her folks bliss. In the mean time, Priya requests that Chithra talk with Amba about her relationship with Dev. She gestures with her. Amba asks her what’s happening here? Chithra requested that she say whether she know Dev previously? Amba guaranteed her to address her inquiries. She proposes her to ask something to her sibling Abhimanyu.

Kallu imparts to Hariprasad it’s exercise in futility to enlist protest in the police headquarters. On the off chance that they got the guilty party what will they reply to the police? They offers displaying to Vidhi. In the event that they like it simply sign in it or probably overlook it. Hariprasad asks him what else he do in it? He can’t acknowledge this all. Bimla gives food to Vidhi. She ask her regardless of whether father eat? Vidhi guaranteed her that she is clueless about this package. Bimla says that father and mother had some awareness of it. Be that as it may, she isn’t contemplating from his situation. She saw her hoop and question her about it?

Vidhi imparts to her that Arjun gifted this to her in his most memorable compensation. Bimla adds that she shouldn’t have acknowledged this or wear it. It’s her karma father didn’t saw it. Vidhi eliminated it and requests that Bimla guard it. She adds that something different occurred in the workplace yet she didn’t imparted it to them since father wasn’t feeling great. Kallu imparts to Hariprasad that Vidhi dealing with numerous issues outside. It’s nothing before that. They are sending our girls out to work. They could uphold them in such circumstances. Amba imparts her story to Chithra

Afterward, Hariprasad checks the grant structure. Vidhi lets him know that Dev gave this grant for her MBA. She needs to concentrate on further and not have any desire to contemplate wedding for quite a long time. She promises to them that she won’t concentrate further in the event that he could do without it. He can tear the grant. Afterward, Amba imparts to Chithra about her adoration for Dev. She communicates her desire to wed Dev. Chithra feels incandescently happy subsequent to hearing it.

Amba asks her will she talk with Abhimanyu about this? Amba adds that she had an opportunity to address her sibling’s life. Chithra guarantees Amba to examine about it with relatives. In the mean time, Abhimanyu preparing Chithra’s number one food.

Sathyavathi grievances to Priya that she assumes the liability of the house. In any case, she isn’t dealing with it well. She requests her girl to show something very similar. Chithra asks another thing to Dev to gift her. Abhimanyu requests that Dev wed Amba.

Precap: Vidhi will ask Amba for what good reason she is stooping this low to hurt others. She will clear with Amba that she doesn’t know regardless of whether she get Dev in her life? Yet, she mindful that Dev will not acknowledge such low mindset individual in his life. She will protest that anything she accomplished for her own satisfaction.

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