Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th November 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pihu tells Preesha that Sharda is getting ready for marriage however she don’t have cash to spend. She says that Sharda didn’t show it yet she know her monetary condition. She inquires as to whether the last option can help Sharda by giving cash. Preesha tells her that Sharda won’t really approve of it.

Pihu requests that she give cash to worker Shamu. She requests that she not let Sharda know that she gave cash. Preesha tells her that she will give cash. She goes to Shamu and gives him cash to use on the lookout. Shamu tells her that Sharda will blow up on the off chance that she got to know it. She enlightens him that Sharda won’t have the foggiest idea about that is the reason she came outside the house.

Pihu requests that Sharda make halwa for her. Sharda says that she needs fixings and she goes to Shamu. She sees Preesha giving cash to Shamu. She ponders that why Preesha giving cash to Shamu. She goes to them. Preesha goes inside without saying anything. Sharda asks Shamu that for what valid reason Preesha gave cash to him. Shamu misleads her that Preesha advised him to purchase not many things from the market and leaves from that point.

Rudraksh goes into his room and sees the work of art on his wall pictures. He asks that who did this. Saaransh lets him know that this is Preesha’s room so Rudraksh can’t hang others pictures there. Rudraksh advises him that Preesha wedded Armaan. Saaransh lets him know that Preesha had purposes behind that. He inquires as to whether the last option has motivation to wed Pihu. He says that he is against Rudraksh and Pihu’s relationship and leaves from that point.

Ruhi lets Saaransh know that they need to accomplish something different as well. Saaransh tells her that he arranged something different as well. Shamu gives bouquet to Rudraksh saying that he thought that it is outside. He says that it’s for Pihu. Pihu says that it’s her #1 blossom. Scorpion emerges from bouquet and it nibbles Pihu. She loses her cognizance.

Rudraksh requests that Sharda call Preesha on the grounds that Preesha is a specialist. Sharda lets him know that Preesha is outside the house. Preesha goes into the house. Rudraksh tells her beginning and end. In the mean time, One of the worker lets Shamu know that he saw bouquet in the last option’s hand. Shamu gets terrified hearing him.

Ruhi approaches Saaransh. She lets him know that he shouldn’t have done this. She says that he shouldn’t have sent bouquet and scorpion. That’s what rudraksh hears. He admonishes Saaransh and hauls him to the lobby. Preesha treats Pihu.

Rudraksh tells Sharda that Saaransh is behind this bouquet. Preesha guards Saaransh. Rudraksh says that first doll came and presently bouquet. Worker lets him know that he saw Shamu bringing bouquet from outside the house. Shamu disappears. Everybody look through Shamu.

Rudraksh discovers that Shamu went out with bag. He tells Sharda that Shamu took off from the house. Sharda says that she realize who is behind this. She charges Preesha. Preesha protects herself. Sharda says that she saw Preesha giving cash to Shamu. She says that Preesha doing this to frighten Pihu.

Rudraksh asks Preesha that for what good reason she gave cash to Shamu. Armaan tosses cushion at Rudraksh. He says that Rudraksh can’t holler at Preesha. He lets Preesha know that he could do without Rudraksh on the grounds that he is awful uncle. Preesha lets him know that dislike that and takes him from that point. Pihu recovers her cognizance. Pihu comes clean about cash to them. Rudraksh ponders that who is the guilty party now.

Precap – Everybody ponders that where Rudraksh and Preesha went. Opposite side, Rudraksh gets Preesha. He requests that she come clean to him. She attempts to explain to him that why she wedded Armaan. Saaransh lets Ruhi know that their arrangement got effective.

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