Kundali Bhagya 14th January 2022 Written Update:

Preeta was being taken in the police van. She was thinking she incited Nagre and was chafed at him. Their police van was halted at a check post, the drivers take an opposite and were presently being trailed by genuine police. Preeta comprehends they are phony police.

At home, Karan questions why Preeta would kill anybody. Prithvi mediates that she may know the reasons, however Preeta killed her own girl and can kill anybody. There was a battle among Prithvi and Karan.

Prithvi incites Karan by saying that Preeta carried his entire family to obliteration. There was a trade of punches. Karan gets Prithvi’s collar yelling everybody know what Preeta has done. Raakhi yells at them to shut down this, Preeta didn’t endeavor to kill Nagre by any means. Not entirely set in stone to bring Preeta back home. Karina takes Karan inside.

Prithvi yells from behind that Karan is insane after Preeta, he has saved all of them and they should maintain his standards to live here. Kritika comes to see Prithvi’s hand drain and offers to put a swathe.

Preeta requests that the drivers stop the jeep. She had acknowledged she was being captured. The drivers attempt to quiet her down. Preeta requests that they let her go. Assuming they let her go she would not inform anybody concerning them.

The drivers presently shout out that Preeta talks a ton, she more likely than not bit Nagre’s mind in a similar way. Preeta comprehends they are Nagre’s men. The jeep puts brakes and the police bicycle was hit; the jeep had the option to escape in the backwoods. Preeta calls for help, however her hand was hand measured.

Karina follows Karan in the room and demands Karan to apply wrap. Karan would have rather not hear anything. Karina grumbles that in this house just Karan, Preeta and Prithvi might talk. Karan turns Karina that Prithvi is a liar, as is his attorney Nagre. Karina inquires as to why he is battling with individuals like him.

Karan never ponders any other person with the exception of his so-call adored spouse. She and Rakhi cry that Rishab likewise left, presently they can’t bear to lose Karan. Prithvi gets out of hand with them all, and Karan is a beam of expectation for their whole family. Karan embraces Karina and calms him. Karan says he won’t battle with Prithvi, yet he would likewise not be oppressed by him. Sameer carries with the medical aid.

In their room, Kritika applies the medication cautioning Prithvi that it may consume a bit. She purify the injuries on his hands then, at that point. Prithvi thinks quietly that he needs Kritika and everybody from their family on his side at this point.

Kritika believes that he remained by Preeta, Prithvi won’t address her respectfully. Prithvi expresses gratitude toward Kritika before she leaves. He currently requests that Sherlin come outside. Sherlin was going to leave the room quietly. Prithvi cautions Sherlin that they will currently close the entryways any longer. She shouldn’t fear anybody in this house, she is Sherlin and understands her value. He demands her backing.

Preeta was as yet in the jeep. The criminals stand by in a getting free from the woodland. The criminals choose to kill her. He pulls the trigger of the firearm pointing towards Preeta however she twisted down. The criminal gets a call from Prithvi and advises them to move away.

He doesn’t need anybody to realize that Preeta’s demise was not a mishap. Preeta realizes it was for cash, and resolves to pay them more than whatever Nagre had advertised. Prithvi gives the insight about Preeta’s passing to Sherlin.

The hijackers drive the jeep back. Preeta continues to argue them to relinquish her, she has a family anticipating. The hijackers say it is past the point of no return and keep on driving. At a certain point, they apply brakes to the jeep and get off. Them three push the jeep down the bluff. At home, Karan felt weird.

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