Kundali Bhagya 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Nagre specifies he accepts she may have perceived there is a great deal of contrast in hearing and seeing what is reality, Preeta answers she has truly perceived him since she figured he would be hazardous however subsequent to seeing what happened today she has acknowledged he is a ton adolescent since he needed to try and cry to demonstrate that he is coming clean,

Preeta requests that he not acknowledge that she has lost so early, Prithvi coming says that she can express huge things however he has demonstrated what he said and tossed her out of the house, she can not return and she should not figure he will help her since he despises her the most, it was distinctive two years prior when he even aided her,

Preeta answers she doesnot need his anxiety yet needs him to despise her considerably more as she will likewise answer with a similar force, Prthvi questions assuming she will toss him out of the house yet Preeta answers in the event that he isn’t Infront of her then, at that point, how might she show him something new, he can appreciate on the grounds that as is commonly said when the feline is away the mouse will appreciate.

Prithvi shouts that she is still truly self-important however should not stress since he will ensure she remains in the prison and surprisingly the Luthra’s would not have the option to help her as they will be stressed over how he will treat them, Prithvi calls the overseer requesting them to remove her, Preeta sits in the jeep while he seeing her shouts it would be great assuming he bids farewell Preeta, Nagre shouts that now his work is done so he will leave.

Bani Dadi questions Rakhi what has she done, Rakhi apologizes saying that she disregarded the drugs of Mahesh, Dadi says that she isn’t discussing it yet for what reason did Rakhi take the side of Preeta before the police,

she faults saying that Preeta has killed her own little girl, Rakhi answers that it has been two years and Dadi realizes that it was a mishap, Sherlin makes reference to that Preeta has killed her own girl hearing this Rakhi questions for what reason is she extremely certain that Preeta has killed her as it was only a mishap,

Natasha clarifies that she ought not talk in the middle yet can’t stay calm, she questions how has Preeta helped the family as she just exacerbated the issues, Rakhi answers she is right so ought not talk in the middle of the family matters, Kritika shields Natasha addressing what has she said off-base as it is reality, for what reason does Rakhi generally take the side of Preeta in any event, when she is off-base,

Dadi likewise requests that she open her eyes as Preeta herself says that she wedded Karan for cash, Sherlin further adds, referencing Preeta has not changed on the grounds that she since the main day wanted to wed karan for cash, the thing that matters is that she has acknowledged reality now, Rakhi clarifies she can acknowledge what they are expressing to be reality, Rakhi questions regardless of whether Preeta returned for cash why might she attempt to kill the legal counselor Nagre,

Dadi shouts she got caught in her own arrangement, Rakhi doesnot accept it when Dadi says that what is the change when Preeta is in the prison while prithvi in the house, Natasha shouts the whole family is truly stressing in light of the fact that they neglected to understand that the police came truly right on time as she feels this was all preplanned.

Karan is with Sameer who is going to offer something yet seeing the resentment of karan can’t utter a word else, when he abruptly stops the vehicle, Sameer questions what occurred so karan says that he neglected to accept a right turn as he wants to purchase another bat to proceed to rehearse tomorrow, he will put it straight in the vehicle as he doesnot need Preeta to see it, Sameer questions why doe she not need it to occur anyway Karan leaves.

Preeta is sitting in the vehicle while it is halted at the traffic light, Preeta is continually contemplating the way that she would forever be saved by Karan, she shouted she is truly fortunate to have a spouse like him however he likewise answered something similar, he said he would kick the bucket assuming she isn’t with him, she requested that he not talk like this.

Preeta is sitting not realizing that Karan strolls next to the jeep, he is halted by the fans who are as yet prepared to take selfies with him even following two years, the police jeep drives off when Karan feels as though he saw Preeta, he anyway isn’t sure, he remaining in the street is continually pondering the excellent minutes enjoyed with her, how the two of them would consistently deal with one another yet presently it isn’t something very similar.

Natasha requests that them all think how the police showed up sooner than expected, Kritika likewise concurs as it isn’t right that the police showed up before the expected time, Dadi questions what they give it a second thought assuming the police came so early when Rakhi answers that it is something special to be stressed over, Sherlin questions Natasha why she is attempting to leave subsequent to saying it all herself. They are sitting when Prithvi strolls into the house with the staff,

he asks Rakhi that he feels she actually has a delicate corner for Preeta yet if so then, at that point, she should leave, Rakhi is anyway standing when he shouts now they all should go to help the decorators as the party will start in four hours, Prithvi leaving calls the examiner addressing assuming anybody presumed when the controller is tuning in, Prithvi says that he will move the cash in his record and he may even kill her in the event that he feels like, the reviewer requests that the driver take the vehicle towards the wilderness.

Karan strolls into the house asking Rakhi where is Preeta, yet before she can answer Prithvi makes reference to she is where she merits which is in prison, Karan out of frustration questions for what reason is he talking since he asked his mom, prithvi answers that nobody of them would talk which is the reason he is talking for their sake,

Sameer questions what is he talking about, Sherlin stops him asking how is he treating he ought to inquire as to for what reason did the police capture Preeta, Sameer requests that she shut up, Sherlin includes Karina who shouts she can’t comprehend the reason why they are concerned for Preeta so much, Natasha likewise attempts to address him, Sameer inquires as to whether he would need to acknowledge her orders. Prithvi shouts for what reason is he so stressed for the young lady as a result of whom he lost his little girl, Karan out of resentment orders him to not express a word against him, Preeta or Pihu, he cautions to break the essence of Prithvi on the off chance that he says anything,

then, at that point, he questions Rakhi for what reason did they not stoop the police from taking her, Dadi asks Karan for what valid reason does he not fail to remember everything, as Preeta has not done anything for the family and isn’t even great, Karan questions for what reason is she failing to remember all that Preeta has accomplished for the family, Rakhi clarifies the police captured her on the grievance that she has attempted to kill Nagre, Karan is strained hearing that Preeta has attempted to kill Nagre.

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