Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Tukoji coming to Malhar and saying we will know Dhaneshwar’s reality soon. Malhar says different watchmen who don’t be aware of our arrangement won’t come in our direction, it was pixie.

Tukoji says Dhaneshwar will take us to reality now. They hear some solid and go to see. They see the watchmen bringing Dhaneshwar. Malhar sees Tukoji. Dhaneshwar says I don’t have the foggiest idea who made me flee, I returned to apologize my wrongdoings, I m standing by to bite the dust, kill me. Malhar says we tracked down nothing by our arrangement, is Ahilya off-base this time.

Dhana ji says Malhar played a major move this time, however my man is additionally steadfast. Bhairav says I had clarified him well that he will kick the bucket and his family will live well, so he returned all alone. Dhana ji says now Malhar won’t question him. Bhairav says I heard Ahilya likewise questions him. Dhana ji says let her do anything she needs, she has no verification, Dhaneshwar will get rebuffed, then, at that point, the section will end.

Tukoji says I can comprehend that we attempted well. Malhar says I generally attempt to fix things, however at that point likewise, I pass up a major opportunity things, I don’t get educated with regards to not many things. Tukoji asks how treat mean. Malhar says it’s actually not necessary to focus on Dhaneshwar, I m anxious since quite a while, there are schemes occurring around me, there is highly concealed in this murkiness. He goes.

A man gets a few sacks stacked in the storeroom. He goes. Bani says Gautama didn’t let anybody know that Ahilya isn’t in the castle, I will proceed to tell Dwarka. Gautama checks the food dishes in the kitchen. Dwarka comes. Dwarka says you are Malwa’s Patrani, you had sent Ahilya to Shivpuri, you didn’t tell Malhar, you accomplished something useful, he would have not consented to send her. Gautama says OK,

you know one thing obviously, I really tried to avoid sending Ahilya out of the castle along these lines, how might I like it, for what reason do you suspect as much, I have brought up her since youth like my girl, you think I appreciate killing her desires, I was seeing her face when I requested that she go to Shivpuri, she didn’t let out the slightest peep, however she had distress in her eyes, I feel pitiful, her eyes told a ton, I m defenseless, I realize you didn’t imply that, whenever Ahilya loses some possibility, you get glad,

why. Malhar prepares. Gangoba says I was hanging tight for you, I really want to talk prior to going to darbar, a few residents have come to meet you, what befell our Rajya, a major issue is coming each day,

Sarpanch is saying there is a plague there since two months, individuals are falling wiped out, many individuals lost their lives, they are saying the explanation is food, when we were taking on a conflict with Nizam, we had purged a town, its a similar town, we sent the grains there, how could the grains get harmed, its unthinkable. Malhar thinks. He goes to remain solid and perform his responsibility.

Precap :Malhar requests that they send the prescriptions and food. Dhana ji says I need to assume this liability. Malhar requests that Tukoji watch out for Dhana ji, he can’t confide in Dhana ji now.

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