Mere Sai 14th January 2022 Written Update:

Santa Clause says we might have searched for him assuming that he had come to Shirdi. How to search for somebody who can’t be found? I was a simpleton to enlighten Sarkar concerning Das Ganu.

Flashback shows Santa and Banta illuminating Sarkar that their men saw Das Ganu coming towards Shirdi. Sarkar says he more likely than not come to meet Fakir. Banta calls attention to that he dint enter Shirdi really. How might he leave without meeting Fakir?

Sarkar says it implies I was correct that Fakir is stowing away close by and Das Ganu knows where He is. Track down Das Ganu to track down Fakir. We will track down Gayatri then, at that point. Nobody will actually want to prevent me from sending Fakir to imprison then, at that point. Flashback closes.

St Nick regrets that he has no choice except for to track down Das Ganu. He wont let me go into in his home without Das Ganu. I have become excessively powerless while searching for him. He sees Das Ganu coming towards him all at once and wakes up. It implies he is made a beeline for Dwarkamai. Does that imply that Fakir is back as well? I ought to follow him to track down that Fakir.

Das Ganu is in Dwarkamai. Sai called me here however he isn’t here? What’s the significance here? Baizama says there may be an explanation. He may need you to track down that out Himself. You know how He functions in various styles. Das Ganu gestures. I will remain here till the time I sort it out. She advises him to spruce up and goes to orchestrate nourishment for him.

Santa Clause and his men hear it as well. Santa Clause considers what could be the explanation of Fakir calling him here and vanishing Himself. Would it be a good idea for me to illuminate Sarkar? How might I have the option to track down Fakir when His enthusiasts can’t? I should keep spying. I’m certain Fakir will take action soon.

Mere Sai 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Das Ganu sings a bhajan. Baizama and Srikanth ji pay attention to him hypnotized and grin. Baizama lauds him. Is this your creation? Das Ganu denies. It is by a young lady I met external Shirdi. She is extremely skilled. I said thanks to Sai ordinarily with the goal that I could meet her in light of the fact that Sai called me here. Baizama says there is one such young lady in Shirdi also. She is similarly capable yet she needed to take off from her home because of certain impulses.

Did you meet a similar young lady? He denies. She was in a house with her senior sibling. They serve food to him. Das Ganu takes a gander at the pot of water. Shree Ram is composed on it. He holds it intently. He considers Madhusudhan giving him water prior. He gets some information about Gayatri. How can she look? Baizama tells him. She is exceptionally dear to Sai also. He never lets His enthusiasts be. I’m certain He wont let her be all things considered.

Individuals might say everything except I realize that Sai won’t ever advise her to take off from her home. He will in any case be with her regardless of whether Gayatri has made such a major stride under tension. Madhusudhan’s words reverberation in Das Ganu’s ears. I was an imbecile to not comprehend your clue yet presently I have perceived the reason why you have called me here, Sai. I acknowledge your request earnestly. He tells Baizama he should leave. She advises him to eat something prior to going. It will be dim soon. Das Ganu gestures.

St Nick looks on. Seems like Das Ganu has discovered where Fakir is stowing away. He will go to meet Fakir and I will get a prize in the wake of telling Sarkar.

Gayatri tells Sai she can make roti. Ajji has let me know that it is a young lady’s work. She has shown me subsequent to pushing me a great deal. Sai says it is great that your Ajji hasn’t met mine or I would have passed on from hunger. She grins. You have helped me so I can do this much for you. He reasons that one should help the other with next to no justifiable excuse or without anticipating anything consequently. I will get it done.

Das Ganu is made a beeline for Madhusudhan/Sai’s cabin yet he feels as though he is being followed. Santa Clause and his men conceal the second Das Ganu goes to check.

Gayatri brings up that the roti is consuming. Sai advises her to leave it alone. We will offer it to Agni Dev. He will help us. Om Sai plays.

St Nick and his men can’t see anything ahead because of the unexpected mist.

Sai keeps the consumed roti aside.

Santa Clause loses Das Ganu when the haze clears.

Sai says it isn’t the ideal opportunity for you to reach here. Smash ji will bring you here at the ideal opportunity. Gayatri asks Him how He is alive till now. I will cook. You consume the roti and afterward you converse with yourself. I’m astounded to think how you have made due till now. He offers to make it happen however she demands. Sai clears out. Gayatri misses her mom as she begins plying the batter. I cook here. I don’t know whether somebody would have cooked anything as home or not. They should be stressed over me.

Supaan returns home looking down and out. Uma inquires as to whether he discovered anything. Supaan shares that Sarkar has checked in the adjoining towns however she hasn’t been found. For what reason would you say you are cooking? Can we eat? His mom reasons that the visitors would require it regardless of whether they wont. Supaan inquires as to whether Gayatri wont be missing them. She is your top pick all things considered.

Sai asks Gayatri what occurred. Gayatri says I went out for a valid justification yet I miss my family a great deal. They should be so stressed at this moment. I have harmed them. How might they oversee without me? Sai encourages her to leave everything on God. He stresses for everybody. Gayatri checks out Sai’s sketch. You resemble God to me. I might be with them however you ought to be with them until the end of time. If it’s not too much trouble, deal with them.

Uma says our girl isn’t terrible. She adores us similarly however much we love her. Supaan asks her for what valid reason she left them then, at that point. Uma says she had various objectives, desires which we were unable to comprehend. He demands that they should contemplate society.

A visitor requests food. Uma asks her better half which society he is alluding to. We can’t eat. Indeed, even our little children dozed without eating and you are stressed over the general public who has been requesting food since evening. You esteemed this general public over your little girl’s goal which is the reason she fled.

Gayatri says I fled yet I don’t have the foggiest idea what I ought to do. Time is elapsing. The justification for why I went out! Sai finishes her sentence. It will clearly occur. Your rescuer is here. Das Ganu enters. He is going to address Sai by His name however Sai shakes His head. Gayatri is amazed to see him. Das Ganu lets Gayatri know that he has perceived that Sai called him here to be your Guru. I acknowledge it. She contacts his feet. Cow moos. She goes to take care of the cow.

Das Ganu contacts Sai’s feet. Sai says you have come here as Guru. It doesn’t exactly measure up for a Guru to contact anybody’s feet. Das Ganu says Guru can grow up yet he will forever be a devotee for his Guru. I don’t have any idea why you took this symbol yet I remembered you. It is enought for me that you are with me and you picked me to help that young lady. We will help her contact her objective at this point. Sai says Allah Maalik.

Precap :Supaan in all actuality does last ceremonies of Gayatri. Sai consoles Gayatri. Gayatri says I thought to make everybody pleased subsequent to getting instructed however everybody is getting offended as a result of me. Sai exhorts her that one ought to be solid when the fantasies are troublesome.

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