Mere Sai 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Gayatri gets worn out while running and stops.Supaan and Uma keep getting some information about Gayatri yet nobody has seen her.

Gayatri checks out Sai’s sketch. I’m going out as I trust you. I don’t have the foggiest idea where I am going and what I will do there. Any place you will take me currently will be my objective!

Supaan and Uma demand Bheeva and Chandu to assist them with tracking down Gayatri. They all beginning searching for her.

Gayatri arrives at wilderness while attempting to try not to be gotten. She hits her head on a branch while running and drops. A man is seen close by.

Gayatri awakens and ends up in a house. She is alarmed to see the man in the house. He tells her not to be apprehensive. I brought you here as you had dropped. How are you feeling now? Gayatri stays quiet. He grins. You wont tell then, at that point. It is OK. Have this medication. You will feel good.

She doesn’t take it or say anything. He portrays a sonnet regarding how they will wind up battling assuming she wont drink this medication. You will study assuming that you drink it and recuperate soon. She grins. It is an excellent sonnet! Do you compose as well?

He says I like hearing them more. She offers to say a couple however he requests that she have medication first. She declines. Aayi has shown me not to take anything from outsiders. He tells her that she is correct. Allow me to inform you regarding me. I’m Madhusudhan, a vaid. I visit wilderness frequently to search for therapeutic spices so I stay here as it were.

I saw you oblivious en route to wilderness today so I rbought you here. Do you know me now? She gestures and beverages medication. He offers to drop her home. I will hear your sonnets on the way. She gets alarmed. He asks her for what good reason she stands up from time to time in shock. It is your home as it were. Gayatri answers that she would rather not return home.

Supaan and Uma arrive at home. Supaan’s mom gets some information about Gayatri. Uma separates. She dint let me know anything. For what reason would it be advisable for her she let me know when I was unable to help her! Nobody in this house is really contemplating her satisfaction. She cries. Supaan attempts to quiet her down however she faults him for the circumstance.

She continued to implore you yet you dint pay regard to anything that she needed to remain. You were so anxious to toss her out of the house that she has left on her own at this point! Supaan is stunned. How might you believe that I needed to toss out my girl? Individuals get vexed when they are honored wiht girls. I had commended her introduction to the world.

I love her similarly however much I love my children yet I don’t dare to change the cultural standards. I’m her dad. I’m doing it for her great as it were. Would it be advisable for me to commit suicide now? Will you trust me then, at that point? Sarkar comes there.

Madhusudhan says it isn’t appropriate for youngsters to avoid their home till so late. How about you need to return home? She stays quiet. He gets some information about the man in the sketch. He looks clever. She tells him not to say anything against Sai. He resembles my Guru. H is certain Sai probably requested that she take off from the house.

Gayatri clashes. Madhusudhan says He more likely than not said something which incited you to take off from the house. It is off-base. She shares that it is her folks who need her to get hitched at such a youthful age. This is the motivation behind why I fled. I wont return now. Madhusudhan says you at last explained to me why you went out. Till when will you not return? She answers that she wont go till the time they have a shift in perspective. He inquires as to whether she has figured how she will make it happen. She shrugs.

I don’t have any acquaintance with it yet. He asks her what she will become subsequent to getting instructed. She shares that she needs to do social help like Sarojini Naidu. He asks her how she will help other people. She says I don’t realize that yet however I will get it done. He inquires as to whether she will tackle it by fleeing this way. Fleeing isn’t an answer for anything. Gayatri says it is just my mom who might be worried for me for the right reasons.

Every other person is simply attempting to dispose of me. Madhusudhan inquires as to whether she figures Sai will be glad subsequent to realizing that she has fled. Gayatri says I came here in the wake of confiding in Him as it were. He made a guarantee to me that He will give me wings to fly in the sky. Madhusudhan expresses what the goal in flying by harming your friends and family. Will your Guru need that? Gayatri tells him not to befuddle her.

I wont pay attention to your prompt. I’m not disappearing from my friends and family for a really long time by harming them. I have chosen not to return till the time Sai fixes everything. I’m certain He will. Madhusudhan inquires as to whether she has thought how much hurt her family would be. It doesn’t really matter to you how much your aayi should cry at this moment. I will take care of grain to the cows. Eat something when I return. I will take you home then, at that point. Gayatri is in considerations.

Sarkar identifies with Supaan. Supaan asks him for what reason he is worried for his agony when he is a standard individual. Sarkar says you live in this town. It is my obligation as a Mukhiya to assist you with tracking down your little girl. She is the girl of whole Shirdi. I will utilize every one of my assets to track down her. Supaan says I will be perpetually thankful to you assuming you can do that. Sarkar says I am really concerned. I had seen land for your home and shop as of now.

You would have been rich at this point assuming you hadn’t fallen in that Fakir’s snare. I have heard that He hasn’t been seen in Shirdi since 2 days. Do you have at least some idea that? Supaan denies. What are you inferring? Sarkar says Fakir needed your little girl to concentrate further. He is absent since 2 days and presently your girl is no place to be viewed also. Supaan tells Sarkar he has confidence in Sai. He won’t ever mislead her.

the facts really confirm that He needed Gayatri to concentrate however He dint realize that I will fix her marriage. You can say everything except Sai doesn’t has anything to do with it. Sarkar grins. I realized that you will say this. Come and see with your own eyes assuming you don’t confide in me. Supaan consents to go with him. I will go with you to demonstrate that Sai doesn’t has anything to do with this. Sarkar concurs.

Madhusudhan returns his hovel yet doesn’t see Madhusudhan there. He grins as he checks out the natural products. Slam ji has made something unusual called adolescence. It falters adversely and emphatically right away.

Gatayri is in tears. Where have you stowed away my Sai, God? I’m searching for Him. Kindly send Him back soon. I’m certain He knows how I ought to escape this issue. She stops as she gets drained while strolling. She is amazed to wind up returning to a similar sanctuary in any event, when she takes an alternate course. It reoccurs over and over. She requests that Sai help her. I have gotten lost. Madhusudhan says I have come to show you the way as it were. She gazes upward in disarray.

Precap :Srikanth ji tells Supaan not to fall in the most natural sounding way for anybody. He will come. Supaan gestures. Sarkar keeps on impelling Supaan. He wont come. Baizama says Sai hasn’t gone anyplace. He is here! Sarkar is shocked.

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