Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Malhar rebuffing the man. The man requests that he spare his life. Dhana ji says I m happy that our endeavors paid off. Ahilya asks does Dhaneshwar stay in this town.

Dhana ji says OK. She asks how could you get him when he doesn’t work for us. He says I realize you were given this work, you are harmed that you fizzled, I have insight, I have my mysterious sources, even Malhar didn’t get some information about it, you don’t have the foggiest idea about this, you relax. He asks did I say wrong. Ahilya sees Malhar.

Malhar says we end the procedures here. Ahilya goes. She sees Gautama. She says I returned from the sanctuary and got to realize that the guilty party is gotten, so I went to see, Malhar has given this work to me, I was interested.

Gautama asks where did you go from the sanctuary. Ahilya says I went to Dhyaan Kaksh. Yamuna says you were not there, I had not seen you. Gautama asks Ahilya where did you go. Ahilya says I went to the town.

Dwarka grins and says I let you know that she would have gone to explore the matter, yet Dhana ji accomplished the work before itself. Ahilya says Sarja and I went to the town to welcome individuals for the capacity tomorrow, so I got late. She requested that Sarja give the welcomes to individuals, and say that they accomplished this work together.

Gautama grins. Ahilya thinks I m sorry, I didn’t wish to deceive you. Gautama says Dwarka, Ahilya has completed crafted by the bubbly, not of Darbar, I realize she is keen on Darbar work, however don’t do this slip-up of continually accusing her.

Ahilya says I additionally commit error some of the time, I won’t ever get imprudent in my work, its a guarantee. Dwarka says Malhar likewise guaranteed Gautama of liberating you, you don’t have to go out with practically no work, we as a whole will go together, right Gautama. Gautama says no need, assuming that you need, then, at that point, fine, Ahilya will go out with you. She goes to see arrangements.

Dwarka says I know to character lies and arranging, this time you have lied neatly, I won’t tell Gautama now, you know to lie well, you go anyplace, yet my eyes will be on you, your one mix-up will set you back a ton. Dhana ji meets somebody. He says Dhaneshwar did as we clarified him, what did you let him know that he prepared to pass on. Bhairav says he is powerless, he was losing his home, he prepared to forfeit himself for family. Dhana ji says its great for us, nobody can hurt us, what’s this genuine name. Bhairav says Shinde. D

hana ji says you accomplished something useful to get somebody from the adjoining town, Dhaneshwar will kick the bucket, Malhar won’t leave him, helpless man, he isn’t from this town. Harku says Ahilya, we need to accomplish this work, it will keep harmony in our home.

Sarja shows the gems Ahilya requested that she bring. She says I thought for what reason is the diamond setter giving the gems in less rates, I requested that he gauge it, I understood he was giving debased things. Harku says you accomplished something beneficial, we should discover when we get dubious. Ahilya thinks.

She says Dhaneshwar acknowledged the wrongdoing, he said he has fouled up with the ranchers, for what reason was he sitting in his home with the money, I don’t figure he can kill those individuals assuming that he is a major simpleton, he acknowledged the faults in darbar additionally, I feel Dhaneshwar didn’t do these homicides. Harku says then you need to proceed to converse with Malhar.

Ahilya goes. Rakma and Dwarka come in her direction. Rakma says we need to do arrangements for haldi and kumkum occasion. Ahilya says I m sure as it were. Harku looks on. She goes to call Malhar. She takes Malhar to the sanctuary. Rakma follows them.

She thinks what work Harku has with him, it implies Harku will accomplish Ahilya’s work. Tukoji sees Rakma. He stops her. He says you have not a single clue, will you follow Malhar, don’t lie, I was seeing you. He requests that she stop such things, his truthfulness is his solidarity, all that will end assuming he loses this strength. He takes her along.

Precap :Malhar asks whom are you finding. Harku glances around. Gautama says she isn’t here. He asks where is Ahilya. She says she isn’t in the castle, I m the sovereign of Malwa, I have taken a choice.

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