Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 14th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Anurag let Priyanka know that she has done tamasha of him, her and his family. Priyanka says assuming you had hitched Kajol then, at that point, would have gone cheerfully for shopping. Anurag says I would have gone cheerfully, yet I am getting hitched to you and not with Kajol.

Priyanka asks him to cheerfully wed her, else she will make tamasha of Kajol and takes steps to call Police. Kaushik asks Pulti not to do any show infront of man of the hour’s family. Bulti requests that he kill her. He says she don’t have any idea how he can manage Apu. Bulti cries. Apu tells Kajol and Chandana that Bulti would rather not wed another person, and says I will bite the dust without her. Anurag says it is better for reality to come out,

rather than I get terrified of all life for your danger. Priyanka calls Inspector and says I need to record my admission, and says I realize the assailant’s name. Anurag takes the telephone and says Inspector Saheb. He discovers it was phony call.

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Priyanka says this is simply trailer and requests that he envision, how the film would be. Anurag inquires as to how about you leave Kajol? Priyanka says she has grabbed my valuable thing from me, you. What’s more she is even presently trying. She asks didn’t you see my enthusiasm for you, and tells that she cherishes him. She says would you be able to comprehend that you are significant for me, and you used to ponder Kajol, I need to do this.

Chandana lets Kajol know that what she can do alone. Kajol says we need to look into Apu and Bulti. She says assuming Bulti additionally feels for him, then, at that point, you will go there and converse with them. Chandana says how to converse with them. Kajol says I can’t go there, you need to go Maa. She supplicates that their story end will be great.

Arundita prepares Bulti. Bulti says I won’t show any interest or converse with them pleasantly, so they deny. Arundita says I will slap you so hard, however your make up will be ruined. Bulti requests that she kill her. Kaushik comes there and says enough. He says he don’t need any dramatization elseā€¦ .Bulti says else you will get him captured. He shows Apu’s photograph in which he is dozing in his room. He says I have established somebody, and tells that his man can do anything on his idioms. Bulti says I love him a ton and can’t be cheerful without him. She inquires as to why you individuals are against him. Kaushik says he has ruined your psyche, whatever we are doing is for your advancement. He says he needs her to have favor her face, and she will talk pleasantly.

Tai ji inquires as to whether they realize Shreya’s dad. They say they know him and gestures of recognition Shreya for dealing with home well. Shreya grins. Naina becomes vexed. Kaushik and Arundita bring bulti there. Kaushik acquaints Arindham with the family. Naina brings snacks and requests that they have it. Shreya thinks Kajol was straight, yet Naina is contorted.

She thinks she needs to forfeit her sibling and needs to make her spot in the life. Naina thinks game is mine, so I will win. She takes Amrita and Arindham’s pic and thinks I need to forfeit your affection Apu. Chandana requests that Apu have something. Apu gets Naina’s message and actually takes a look at it. He sees Bulti and Arindham’s pic. Apu says she had let me know that she adores me, yet I had failed to remember that she is Arjun’s sister.

Chandana says you requested that I go there and talk about him. Kajol thinks Bulti isn’t similar to that. Arundita inquires as to whether they will like her. Arindham’s dad says he loves Bulti and needs them to finish the marriage at the most punctual, as they need to return to London. Tai ji says this will be the best marriage of the city. Bulti cries.

Arindham’s mom inquires as to whether she has any issue, to wed or not. Kaushik says she gets enthusiastic reasoning she will go a long way from us. Arindham’s mom says I will keep you as my girl. Shreya says ofcourse and embraces Bulti. She requests that she quit crying and says she will make due.

Kajol asks Apu not to cry and have something. Apu declines. Kaushik tells that the family is great, we will have benefit in business and great for Bulti as well. Bulti says first business comes for you. Kaushik says OK, this way of life is because of this business and says you are disturbed today, yet will say thanks to me one day for this.

He requests that she go to her room. Shreya thinks to help Bulti, to get her arrangement activity. Apu lets Kajol know that they don’t have genuine romance in fate, the two of them got sold out. Kajol asks do you love him genuinely. Apu says don’t you recognize love clearly for her, and says soon after gathering a NRI, I was tossed out, similarly as I don’t exist.

He says you got deceived by Arjun, who wedded Naina. He says then Anurag came in your life, concerning whom we came to know through the paper. Kajol asks him not to trust on what he saw and asks him not to question his adoration and give regard and respect to his affection. He says I questioned Dr. Anurag, yet he never questioned me. She requests that he have something for the wellbeing of she atleast.

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