Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Rhea requesting that Prachi talk infront of Police. Auditor comes there and tells that they have tracked down the jewelry. Rhea says I am certain that she has taken it and kept in her room.

Prachi says she didn’t take. Examiner says we tracked down it from your room, and saw Rhea’s wedding collection, she is wearing a similar accessory. He says we need to capture her. Dida says Prachi hasn’t taken any neckband.

Assessor requests that Vikram make her comprehend, and says they can’t make a move against senior resident. Vikram requests that Dida let them perform their responsibility. Dida says they are capturing Prachi. Shahana says might be the accessory went to her room erroneously. Auditor says demonstrate it, she will be imprisoned. Prachi requests 5 mins. Rhea says might be she needs assistance from my significant other, as my better half is generous .

Pallavi says I won’t allow my child to help her this time. Prachi says she wants time to put on something else. Auditor gives her 5 mins. Prachi wears her saree and keeps hand on her stomach. She takes medication and swallows it with water. She says I am so grieved, my child. I have given you pushed and apologizes to the child.

She says I guarantee that we will get back to our home soon. She turns and sees Rhea standing. Rhea asks will you not gaze at me today, and won’t give testing look. She says you have lost the test from me. She says you are going out, and asks how treat imagine that I will take a gander at your face, seeing you taking the papers. She advises her that she had blamed her for robbery when she came to her home without precedent for the party.

She says I like it some way or another a ton, when individuals call her Prachi, the cheat. She says today your karma, tongue and words are working. She says you halted my ceremonies and prevented me from living with my Ranbir.

She says I was irate and sitting tight for the right second. She says you have ruined my wedding night and I have made plans for you to remain in prison. She says you can call yourself bahu of the prison, and requests that she go out as baraatis are hanging tight for her. She says Namaste and goes to go. Prachi says today was yours, and I guarantee that tomorrow will be mine. Rhea inquires as to whether you are as yet seeing the fantasy to return here.

Prachi says OK. She says God sent us as sisters, yet you broke that connection and associated counterfeit unlawful sautan connection. She says my better half isn’t a major part of your life, simply in your musings, and requests that she quit envisioning. She says you have not won, as war is as yet remaining. She says my future is exceptionally solid and when I return here,

you need to go. Rhea says this is the most ideal end for you. Prachi says this is new beginning for me, everything really revolves around viewpoint. She requests that she change her point to adjust her viewpoint. She says you attempted to wedded Ranbir, yet he got hitched to me. She says you attempted once more, however I showed you your place and moved you to visitor room.

She says I made you illicit sautan, and asks her not to gaze at her, but rather take a gander at the room, drapes, bed, and so forth She says this is Ranbir and my room, in which you can come inside, can see it, yet can’t live. Rhea says I got Ranbir, and shows the mangalsutra. Prachi asks who stepped on the moon first? Rhea says Neil Armstrong. Prachi asks who was Buzz Aldrin? Rhea asks how treat need to say?

Prachi says you don’t have the foggiest idea and tells that he was the second individual who stepped on the moon. She says individuals don’t recollect the subsequent individual and simply recalls the main individual. She says she is Ranbir’s better half, he got hitched to me, made me wear the mangalsutra and filled my maang with sindoor. She says whatever he does after this, is futile thing. Rhea says she will get harmony when Police bind her and take her from that point. Prachi says I wish you talk something reasonable when I get back.

Dida requests that Vikram accomplish something. Vikram says I plowed I could. Dida says you didn’t educate Rhea regarding Prachi. Vikram says Rhea haven’t done whatever off-base this time and says in these sisters’ battle, no one will be 100% correct. He asks her not to have any expectations from Vikram to help Prachi.
Prachi returns to Inspector and expresses profound gratitude for giving time. Shahana asks Rhea how she can get her sister captured? Prachi requests that she return home. Shahana requests that they think Prachi as human, and says she isn’t the cheat. Auditor says there isn’t anything in my grasp. Shahana says I will get you liberated and will call Ranbir.

Prachi says you won’t call Ranbir or any of his relatives for help. She requests that she call Sarita aunt for help all things being equal. Police captures Prachi and takes her. Shahana tells that Prachi is the bahu of the house and inquires as to whether they will be OK, assuming she remains in the prison throughout the evening. She asks Dida not to help some unacceptable. Rhea says who are you, to call us wrong and requests that she shut up. Dida says Shahana is correct,

also says enormous discipline for Prachi’s little error. Rhea says Prachi deceived me and took papers from my room. Shahana says you have taken her marks by cheat. Aaliya adequately says and requests that she leave, as Prachi has left and requests that she proceed to save her energy to save her. Shahana says I was going to go, as not stone hearted individuals stays here, however stones itself. She goes. Rhea expresses gratitude toward Pallavi for supporting her. Pallavi grins. Dida takes a gander at Vikram.

Shahana calls Jai. Jai picks the call. Shahana asks where could Ranbir be? Jai says I don’t have any idea why his telephone is off. Shahana requests what kind from companion you are? Jai inquires as to for what reason would you say you are anxious? Shahana says Prachi is captured by the Police.

Jai asks when and for what reason? Shahana tells him everything. She says it was Rhea’s arrangement to get her captured. She says Prachi asked me not to take Ranbir’s assistance, but rather he was the last choice. Jai checks with the driver and comes to realize that he has dropped him to the air terminal. Jai tells Shahana that Ranbir has corresponding flight from Mumbai to London. He thinks to illuminate Ranbir at any rate.

Prachi is secured in the lock up. Her innerself ask her for what good reason did she come here? assuming that she is glad to come here in pregnancy. Other innerself tells that Prachi picked her child over Sushma. Her innerself tells that Rhea focuses on her and tells that main Ranbir can help, yet she don’t need his assistance. Other innerself says Prachi don’t need his assistance, as her self image is greater than child. Prachi requests that they be peaceful and thinks that they are no more.

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