Bhagya Lakshmi 14th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins Rishi telling Neelam that Lakshmi won’t return in this house and says we needn’t bother with her. Neelam says we really want her. Rishi says we needn’t bother with her. Neelam requests that he quit saying this.

Rishi says everybody quit living with the prospect of my passing. He says we need to quit pondering kundali dosh, and tells that your Pandit ji says anything. Neelam says whatever Pandit ji told up to this point, worked out and says Lakshmi has saved you.

Rishi gets some information about today? He says nothing has happened to me today even with iron, and says Pandit ji’s words haven’t worked out as expected as Lakshmi isn’t with us today. Ayush hears them.

Lakshmi tells that halwa will get cold and afterward it won’t pose a flavor like previously. She causes her sisters to have halwa. Shalu then, at that point, causes her to have halwa. Lakshmi grins. Rano thanks somebody and lets Neha know that they got attorney’s number. Neha says assuming Rishi had hitched me, then, at that point, I would have been abroad and carried on with a sumptuous life.

Rano says it is great that Lakshmi got hitched to him, and tells that she will blamed Rishi for having illicit relationship, tormented Lakshmi and so forth She says she will get a major sum from them, Lakshmi and Rishi won’t meet and we will get crores.

Rishi thinks about Lakshmi’s words and picks the wet material from the bed. Lakshmi attempts to lay down with her sisters. Rishi attempts to rest and gets blazes of Lakshmi. He shuts his eyes, yet can’t rest. Lakshmi additionally couldn’t rest and considers Rishi. He gets up and thinks he isn’t just terrible. He attempts to consider Lakshmi, all at once Malishka’s call comes on his portable. Malishka says I was sitting tight for you, you didn’t come.

He says Mom was worried, we will meet tomorrow. Malishka says alright and tells that she was missing him and pondering him. He says me as well. Ayush comes there and inquires as to whether he has spare telephone, as his telephone tumbled down and show broke. Rishi gives his telephone. Ayush calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi sees Rishi’s call and doesn’t pick the call.

Ayush returns the telephone to Rishi. Rishi says I have requested new telephone for you. Ayush expresses gratitude toward him and asks did you converse with her? Rishi asks with whom? Ayush doesn’t says anything. Lakshmi figures she will not ponder Rishi and attempts to rest.

Shalu inquires as to whether she didn’t rest the entire evening and cried throughout the evening. Lakshmi says I had applied town surma. Shalu says it was finished and inquires as to whether you was God to prevent yourself from crying and requests that she cry and vent out her torment. She requests that she give her at some point to emerge from the injury.

Lakshmi says Chachi isn’t similar to I thought, and says she attempted to send me there, don’t have the foggiest idea how she can manage you both. Shalu requests that Lakshmi allow herself 2 days. Lakshmi says assuming I stay occupied, then, at that point, I won’t miss Rishi. Rishi looks for his telephone and reviews Lakshmi requesting that he check where he has kept his telephone. He opens the pantry. All of a sudden his telephone rings, and it is on the drawing table.

Malishka calls Rishi and requests that he meet her. Rishi thinks he can finally relax and not blameworthy, he is cheerful and all the family can’t avoid being family. He considers Lakshmi again seeing his hair and reviews Lakshmi setting his hair. He thinks to change the room, so he won’t get her considerations, this is the main day without her.

Lakshmi says today is my first day without Rishi and furthermore first day at work. Rano is going to take tea. Bani says I have made tea for Lakshmi, as you was resting. Lakshmi says I neglected to take adornments store address. Shalu attempts to take care of her food. A woman accepts the call and asks her not to come, as she didn’t land the position. Lakshmi says I conversed with Darshan sir. The woman says Darshan is constant to give occupations in foundation, yet we have no opening. Lakshmi says I want work. The woman closes the call.

Rano comes there and takes the paratha plate from Shalu’s hand. She says Lakshmi has badluck in her life and tells that she won’t change her words and needs 8000 Rs lease, else she will toss her and her sisters from here. Lakshmi says I won’t change my words, assuming I vowed to give you lease, then, at that point, will give. She says she has trust on herself as issue is about her sisters.

Neelam asks Rishi where is he going? Rishi says I can’t live frightened and asks her not to be terrified. He says I don’t accept on markesh dosh and kundali. Neelam says you are saying this because of Lakshmi, and says she did a serious mix-up by making a mountain from nothing.

Rishi says it isn’t Lakshmi’s misstep, to come here, then, at that point, I can’t drive her to get back home. Ayush thinks when I let you know that you are incorrect, you says Lakshmi is off-base, however when somebody faults Lakshmi, you agree with her stance, and says you are in profoundly love with her.

Lakshmi tells that she will trust her and Mata Rani. She says this is Mumbai and the fantasies get satisfied here. She says we will see the fantasies and satisfy it as well. She says all will be well. Rano says I feel terrible for you, and requests that she do anything she desires, however don’t be dismal. She claims to be mournful eyes and goes.

Lakshmi says I will go for another meeting today. Shalu says Bau ji was not off-base, you are the young lady on whom everybody will be pleased with, and says you are broken, however taking care of yours and us.

Precap :Rano comes to Neelam’s home and says you have done anything you desire to do, presently Lakshmi will do what she needs to. Rishi asks in the sanctuary that he needs to meet lakshmi and needs to tell her. Lakshmi is likewise in similar sanctuary and figures she would rather not ponder Rishi. Rano asks 50% remuneration as support. Lakshmi and Rishi see one another.

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