Rishton Ka Manjha 14th January 2022 Written Update:

Tina expresses what’s going on with you? What’s more for what reason would you say you are remaining here? Diya says I was sitting tight for you. Tina says my response won’t change. I will meet Madhuri aunt soon. This house will require me.

Diya says in heart I was unable to try and track down the area. Love says to legal counselor we won’t give Diya any provision. Depika says she will go to the court. We should give her how she needs and get managed it. Love says you better handle the house. You’ve no thought of these things. You are juvenile. Diya says you have a lot of thought?

The men of this house just demonstrate their masculinity by yelling on ladies. The ones who can’t give ladies regard and time they will give provision? Men of this house don’t regard ladies. Love says who are you to talk between us.

Diya says I have my reasons. what are you reasons? Depika has been hearing your insults. In the event that I were in her place. Depika says however you are not. You can’t address Love. Diya says in heart I can’t see Love act this way with you.

I know you’re distraught at me. Be that as it may, I know no other person upholds you here. Diya says alright then get offended. She says to the attorney you’re here let them know I would get my provision if not I will take them to the court. Love says you will not get anything. Diya says my legal counselor will tell you. Diya says in heart if it’s not too much trouble, show me a way God.

Dadi’s feet harms. She searches for her medication. She attempts to walk. Diya holds her. She says in the event that you fall it will be an issue for everybody. Dadi says for what reason would you say you are concerned for me? She says I’ve two days here. I don’t need concentration to from provision to you. If it’s not too much trouble, handle yourself for two days. Dadi says do you truly want to disappear from this family?

My heart can’t completely accept that you are this. My Diya can’t do all. For what reason would you say you are doing this show? Diya reviews her father. Diya says you are correct I was doing show when I came here. Not a single one of you would trust me assuming I didn’t do that dramatization. This is my genuine face. Diya takes a gander at away and cries.

Pihu says to Tina for what reason would there say there is less cash? She says you remained there for 4 days not 7. Pihu says I did what you said. I gambled everything. Pihu says I hurt my own head. You should pay me more. Tina says don’t disturb me now.

Pihu says I need my total sum. Tina expresses how will you respond? She says I will go to Diya’s family and tell them everything. Tina says didn’t you perceive how criminal I am? I will cut your face and berak your hands and lock you here for eternity. Gather your packs and go from here. Never be found in this city again.

Diya talks ready to come in case of an emergency and expresses what will happen now? Depika comes there. She says who were you conversing with? She says my attorney. Depiika says don’t you have your telephone? She says I don’t need a bill there.

Depika says will you purchase bliss from this cash? Diya expresses what a line. You better not educate me concerning satisfaction. Your own cash depends on this enormous house. The telephone rings once more. Depika picks it. She says no off-base number. Diya says say thanks to God. Depika says who was she conversing with?

Love gets a call from that young lady. He says I can’t talk at this moment. I’m stuck. I care for you. Depika says who was it? He says you continue to address me? I get many calls. She says for what reason would you say you are distraught all of the time at me? What have I done wrnog? Offended you or anybody? Have I never done your things. He says I’ve a great deal of work.

SHe says you generally sideline me. You’ve to respond to me. WHat’s my mix-up. He expresses how treat need? Do your arti. This house, vehicles, cash, how else treat need? SHe holds his hand and says your adoration, time and regard. It’s all a result of you. You can take everything. I need nothing. I need the option to be your significant other. If it’s not too much trouble. He pushes her and leaves. Depika cries.

Love comes to kitchen and says Depika came. I will see you soon. If it’s not too much trouble, quiet down Naina. Diya comes there. She says who was he conversing with?

Landline rigns. Diya picks it. Tina says have you begun utilizing landline? Diya says you? Tina says Niharika let me know you were addressing somebody available to come in to work. She says I called maa. I was concerned for her. tina says assuming you act brilliant you realize what can really be done.

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