Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Prachi and Shahana telling that they will leave. Rhea requests that they stop and says whatever you got from here, and whatever you are taking from here, make a passage.

Prachi says what difference would it make? A fb is shown, Aaliya lets Rhea and Pallavi know that she had enquired and came to realize that they are not IT officials. Pallavi asks who are they? Rhea says Prachi and Shahana. Prachi draws close to Rhea and requests that where do section? Rhea pulls her phony facial hair. Prachi is stunned. She eliminates her specs and turban.

She inquires as to whether she will eliminate her phony clothing herself or on the other hand assuming she will help. Shahana eliminates the facial hair and mustache. Rhea takes the record from Prachi’s hand and takes the papers. She says they haven’t come here to strike, yet to take these papers. She says she needed to lie and guarantee her privileges.

She says you both had sufficient hogwash, presently I will go to legal advisor and will strike your fantasy house. She asks Dida assuming that Prachi is so honest then for what good reason she is so terrified of the papers. She says it is uncovered the way that Prachi is. Prachi says who constrained me to do this, and says why who has lied over and over and who took my signs by cheat.

She says now and then we need to take help of lie to demonstrate reality. Aaliya asks Rhea not to contend with working class individuals, and lower your class. Shahana expresses what occurred, assuming we don’t have class. Aaliya says you will take the cash, however will be working class. She isn’t embarrassed. Prachi says I am not of Kohli family and don’t acknowledge the family as mine. She grabs papers from Rhea’s hand and tears it.

Rhea is stunned. Prachi says you don’t have counterfeit induction papers or legal documents to guarantee that you are Ranbir’s significant other. She says your untruth is lost. She says lie is dependably completely false, and can’t replace truth. She says your falsehood game is finished, similar to royal residence of cards are blown because of wind. She expresses what is left, this house. She says this house is mine, and says I am the just bahu of this house and Ranbir’s just spouse. Dida grins.

Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Ranbir is leaving from office. Jai gives his pack. Ranbir says thanks to him. Jai embraces him and says all will be great. Ranbir says I will illuminate Papa subsequent to arriving at there. He says I came to be aware of the excursion subsequent to coming here. Jai says Ranbir is so focused on genuinely and intellectually and getting crushed among Prachi and Rhea.

Prachi says your brahmastra fizzled, I am grieved that your preparation and plotting is demolished. Shahana requests that they pick the torn papers. She tells that Rhea has not changed. Rhea says you are bold. Prachi says we have seen you crossing your disgrace. She says modest thing is that seniors upheld you. Aaliya requests that she shut up and says you can’t conceal your doings. Prachi says sorry, assuming that I hold your hand, then, at that point, you won’t feel better.

She says when seniors are at slip-up and young people hold their hands, then, at that point, it doesn’t look great. She requests that she keep her thought at herself. Pallavi says the manner in which she is conversing with us, it resembles tossing stone in the grimy water. Prachi says I was unadulterated water, and became filthy water here and asks what is blended in water that it becomes grimy water. Police comes there and asks who is Prachi Arora? Prachi says she is Prachi Arora. Examiner says you will be locked up. Prachi is stunned.

Ranbir is going to the air terminal and pondering Prachi. He says I will do whatever you say, I simply need your joy. Driver says air terminal came. Ranbir says thanks to him and gets down from the vehicle. Teri Galliyan tune plays… ..

Prachi says collared? Monitor says Rhea Kohli called and said that Prachi Arora came to her home to take, in mask. He says she has sent the photographs moreover. Prachi says this is completely false, and we haven’t taken anything. Rhea tells that her neckband is taken. Prachi says she needed to trap me and requests that woman constable really take a look at her. Rhea requests that Inspector actually look at her. Prachi thinks in the event that this is her new stunt.

Shahana says we haven’t taken anything. Rhea says it is between two sisters, one of whom needed to take everything from her sister. Constable tells that there isn’t anything in her. Rhea says might be she has stowed away the neckband in the room. Shahana says she had said that she remains here, for what reason will she take in her own home. Aaliya asks where is Prachi’s room. Rhea requests that Dida show Prachi’s room and tells that Dida leveled the phony IT officials. She requests that she help Inspector.

Dida says I realize nothing is taken from this house. Pallavi says I will distinguish the accessory, I will accompany you. Prachi asks what is this new scheme? Rhea says I am rebuffing you for your deeds. Prachi says I will rebuff you then, at that point. Rhea says the hoodlum is the one, who gets found out. Prachi says you can trick Police, yet not me.

Rhea says you will be before long gotten. A fb is shown, Aaliya makes an arrangement to trap Prachi in robbery case. Pallavi says we will keep jewel neckband in Prachi’s room and afterward Prachi will be captured. Prachi checks out Aaliya grinning at Rhea. She asks Rhea, on the off chance that she concealed the neckband in her room. Rhea grins.

Precap :Inspector lets Prachi know that they tracked down jewelry from her room, and they have checked Rhea’s wedding collection and she is wearing this accessory. He says the protest isn’t phony, we need to capture you. Shahana calls Jai. Jai tells that Ranbir is in flight, he went to London for few days. Shahana tells that only one individual can help us. Prachi asks who can help us?

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