Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Devraj says we need to make Krisha Maya. Life feels deficient. She’s there and I do this custom? That one mishap made a huge difference. Krisha is outside. She drops the plate. Devraj expresses why are you here? She says came to get some information about custom. He says later. Krisha leaves.

Devraj was with Maya. They saw the mishap video. Maya said you consumed the vehicle? He says the mishap happened on the grounds that you drove quick. The man came before you and he kicked the bucket. I needed to consume the vehicle. I can’t allow you to go to the prison. So I concealed his body and you need to stow away. In the event that anybody sees you it will be an enormous issue. You need to remain here. She says here? Coming up? Devraj says until I track down an answer.

I love you to such an extent. I can’t allow you to go to prison. I can’t lose you. Krisha is envisioning it. She says this more likely than not occurred. She is stowing away in light of the fact that she may have killed somebody and Devraj needs to outline me for her wrongdoing. That is the reason he needs to make me Maya. Devraj comes ground floor. Krisha says I am only a pawn in his eyes and he will forfeit me. In any case, I can pay a game you will not comprehend.

I will not be rebuffed for maya’s wrongdoing. I will bring her reality out before everybody. Krisha says in 2 days my arrangement would work. I will go far away from him. Krisha reaclls her minutes with Devraj. She says I was utilized and you tricked me. She wipes her tears.

Rati awakens in torment. There’s no water. Rati comes out. She sees Ugra outside with Naina. She gives cash to a man and says get my child out of the prison. Nobody should know. Naina and Ugra see Rati. Rati comes out. Ugra expresses why are you here? Rati says I can hear nothing.. What are you talking about? Ugra doesn’t says anything.

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 11th January 2022 Written Update:

They head inside. Ugra says my medication is working. Her faculties would quit working at this point. Naina says I thought Rati got to be aware of our arrangement yet she can’t hear. Ugra says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how we are doing her. Dumb young lady. Rati hears it. She says mummy ji is accomplishing something. yet, what?

Krisha says Jaya maa said I need to give you three presents. what do you need? He says anything. It’s simply a custom. Krisha expresses what did Maya give you? He says Maya didn’t follow custom. She wasn’t well. Krisha expresses what might she give you assuming she was alright? He says I don’t have a clue. Krisha says you need to cause me Maya to however at that point you don’t help me?

He says I figured you may know by know. Krisha says sorry that I asked you. I won’t ask you once more. You will get your gift. Krisha says likewise, somebody is higher up. I heard somebody. Devraj says there are laborers. She says as of now? might it be said that you are certain there are laborers? He says it’s an immense palace. Individuals work here constantly. Krisha says in heart he’s a major liar.

Krisha asks Rati how is Ugra doing you? Rati I can’t really understand. In any case, there’s something. Krisha says you shouldn’t confide in them. I was stunned when they begin acting so great with you. Rati says no doubt she would give me juice, tea. Krisha says after that you began falling debilitated. Rati says I saw something dark in the juice. Mummy ji said she added a tonic in it. Krisha says don’t confide in her. Try not to eat or drink anything she gives you.

Rati hacks. Krisha gives her water. Ugra says Rati have this juice.. Krisha takes the glass and takes a taste. She says it’s so fiery. Take it back. Ugra says it was for Rati. Krisha says the food was extremely hot. I will get Rati another juice. She gives water to Rati. Krisha says something isn’t right. This juice will tell us. Something wrong is occurring. These individuals are strong yet we are honest. We won’t abandon ourselves. We will uncover every one of them. Might it be said that you are with me? Rati says OK.

Aarav says Maya is alive? This can’t be valid. Rati is stunned as well. Krisha says Jaya is coming. They claim to discuss lights. Jaya says all of you are doing adornments. All around good done. Krisha says I went higher up and saw a lady there. Aarav says I additionally heard somebody hacking. They’re stunned. Krisha tells Rati..

I told you. Try not to tell anybody. Aarav says I told Devraj somebody was hacking yet he became distraught. Be that as it may, how might we be certain it was Maya? There are such countless specialists in this palace. Also for what reason would Devraj do all of this? For what reason could he lie? Krisha says he has lied about everything. He concealed his marriage and first spouse from me. There is somebody there. Aarav says we can go there and check.

Krisha says Devraj watches out for us. Devraj comes there. They talk about lights. Krisha says we need to plan and discover every one of the privileged insights. I will acquire Maya front of everybody. Aarav says assuming that she’s alive then you. Krisha says I will disappear from this house. We will discuss it later. Rati says yet how could he concealed her for such a long time? Krisha says I have an arrangement.

Jaya says as first custom you’ve to give Devraj haldi. Krisha says prior to disappearing from you I will gain an adequate number of experiences to live with them for my entire life. She applies haldi on Devraj’s body. Krisha wipes her tears. The tune tera naam ishq plays. Devraj says for what reason is she acting so odd.

Precap :Krisha says stop Maya. The lady runs. Krisha picks water line and tosses water on her. She says I will uncover every one of your privileged insights. Devraj comes there.

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