Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd April 2022 Written Update:

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd April 2022 Written Update on

Chuspa says manager had requested to bring just him. Saxena solicitation to take him. Tiwari says when he is prepared then take him. Chuspa supervisor needs this one so he will just come and powers Teeka to accompany him. Teeka begin crying and leave with Chuspa. Everybody hear Teeka yell.

Anu stressed over Vibhu says presently kindly return enough of your theatrics. Vibhu strolls in. Anu cheerfully races to him and says I was stressed over you, I missed you and didn’t have food or water. Happu says I’ll provide you with a glass of water with my hand. Anu acknowledges it was her creative mind. Happu shares with Anu don’t stress Vibhu will return, since when you are focused on even I get pushed.

Anu says how does that relate. Angoori strolls in stressed. Happu welcome Angoori. Angoori get some information about there spouse’s. Anu says he isn’t stressed over them however stressed over me. Angoori inquires as to why. Anu says since I’m stressed over Vibhu. Happu says simply relax. Anu says for what reason shouldn’t I. Angoori says our spouses are missing and goverment gives you uniform for reasons unknown, it’s to get criminal so go follow through with something.

Saxena actually working. Tiwari tells Vibhu, Teeka is as yet not back. Vibhu says I’m stressed regarding him. Tillu says this is all a direct result of that plan. Teeka strolls to them. Malkhan ask him what happen say something. Teeka in shock. Tillu says you look powerless. Vibhu says don’t stress tell us, say something. Chuspa strolls to them and says now you should go through clinical trial since you want to have fit kidney and request that they prepare. Everybody stressed. Malkhan slaps Teeka. Teeka begin singing in torment.

Happu and Manohar together, Happu shares with him, he is layered and request that he go search for Vibhu and Tiwari. Manohar says I think these two disappearing is plot of our neighbor’s. Haapu gets irritated. Manohar says I’ll go search for them. Happu point’s Manohar at Pelu and says this man is familiar with all that occurs here come we should ask him. Happu get some information about Vibhu and Tiwari. Prelu gives him a note which peruses don’t burn through my time ask that beat driver, he took everybody.

Tiwari request that Tillu message his legs. Tillu says I’m not your worker any longer I’m a work here and we are equivalent here. Vibhu says all around said. Tiwari says for what reason do you meddle in my business and both beginning contending and bring there spouse’s in contention. Tillu says sufficient stay silent. Malkhan says figure out how to leave. Teeka says or atleast work. Tiwari says this inept Saxena doesn’t get layered, continues to work and says I miss Angoori. Vibhu says I’m missing Anu as well.

Tiwari envision that he has visited Anu and singing with her. Vibhu envision visiting Angoori and singing with her. Anu working out and Angoori cooking in kitchen. Tiwari and Vibhu going to kiss Chuspa he yells at them and expresses stay in your cutoff points. Happu strolls in there and request that Chuspa toss weapon. Tiwari expresses gratitude toward Happu for coming. Clergymen brother by marriage strolls in and undermines Happu. Happu says it realize you are behind this extortion. Anu, Angoori and Minister stroll to them.

Anu says he ought to be put behind the bars. Anu and Angoori races to there spouse and embraces them. Serve request that Happu capture his brother by marriage. Vibhu says to Minister he did extortion with us. Serve statements of regret to everybody. Serve see Saxena says you are free at this point. Saxena says no I’m work and I’ll continue to work. Vibhu takes his glasses back and slaps him.

TMT, Vibhu and Tiwari at teas slow down. Vibhu says we were tricked so awful. TMT says OK we have taken in the illustration and they begin contending. Vibhu says stop it be grateful we are safem Tiwari says failed to remember that chill and partake in your life. Tillu says alright give me 5000/ – rs or my compensation. Tiwari denies. Vibhu says this isn’t correct. Tiwari says recall how he made trouble.

Vibhu says give them cash and finish the point. Tiwari hands 10rs to Tillu and says keep this have a great time and if mext opportunity somebody accompanies that plan, we will whip him. A man strolls to them says I’m Mansuklal and I’m from joblessness conspire are you from this state and who are jobless here. Vibhu shares with TMT go tell him. TMT approach him and hit him. Vibhu get’s call from Happu. Happu educates them concerning Mansuklal and shares with Vibhu that he is a genuine official thus show him all the jobless. Vibhu and Tiwari slip away.

Anu ask Angoori how is Tiwari with regards to sentiment. Angoori says he doesn’t allow me to rest, at whatever point he has stray he goes for walj.

Vibhu says yo Anu me and Prem are excellent companions and he is near my heart. Anu ask him Vibhu tell me am I near your heart. Vibhu says you run this house, he gets call from Prem. Anu get’s irritated.

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