Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd April 2022 written update:

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd April 2022 written update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Katori Amma, Rajjo feeling anxious. Ranveer comes expressing Happu is getting call. Katori Amma says Happu is inept, requests that he make very his work. DIG says request that Happu bring my BIL at 10. Am as I am occupied with meeting. He says I will send him photograph of BIL. Amma says alright. Amma tells everything to everybody. Ranveer says Happu is for helpful. Rajjo gets a thought. She erases picture and expresses that we will trick happu and tells entire arrangement to everybody. Amma acclaims her.

Following day Rajjo requesting that youngsters have food. She asks Happu for what valid reason don’t you go to police headquarters? Happu says I am in dubious about Rakka. Amma slaps Happu. Benny comes expressing I will give you data about Rakka. Happu asks him not to inconvenience me this time. Benny says I got tip from close to family. He says Rakka is coming at air terminal, and shows him photograph. Amma says get Rakka. Happu goes. Everybody acclaims Benny for his acting abilities.

At Police station, DIG is sitting tight for Happu, as he is late in bringing his BIL. Happu shows up with DIG’s BIL. DIG says he isn’t Rakka yet my BIL bittu. Manohar says Happu is making stories. Bittu says Happu hit me beat up. Happu attempts to persuade DIG that Bittu is Rakka, however DIG scolda him, expressing I informed about Bitth to Happu’s loved ones. Bittu requests that DIG rebuff Happu. DIG shares with Happu that you excused from work.

At home entire family disuss that how they tricked Happu and we are saved from Rakka. Rakka shows up requesting Happu. Benny get terrified seeing Rakka. Happu stows away. Rakka says I am best hooligan. Rakka calls Happu will he capture me. Amma says Happu is frightened he won’t capture you. Rakka keep Rajjo and Amma on weapon point calling Happu. Happu shows up chastening Rakka. Benny asks Rakka not to do as such. Rakka takes shots at Happu, and Rakka get hit by utenlis. Happu falls and everybody cries happu gets up expressing I am saved by devi maa memento.

DIG and Manohar shows up, observes Rakka faint. DIG says I will neither downgrade you nor will advance you. The two of them take Rakka.

Happu gets some information about DIG’s BIL get call. Everybody turns stub. Benny asks rajjo to take care of us food. Amma embraces Happu

Precap:- Happu and Reshampal goes to get thug, however neglects to do as such. Their high superiors downgrade Happu and Reshampal as Havaldaars.

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