Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st April 2022 written update:

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st April 2022 written update on serialtalk.com

Kamlesh again meets Kat, feeling fortunate to help them. Rajjo and Vimlesh shows up, who requests that Kamlesh help them once more. Rajjo asks him to again take look of Rakka thug. Kamlesh denies, however Kat requests to help us.

At market, Kamlesh gets prodded by a kid, who plays with him, thinking him as female. Kamlesh yells for help, and runs in happu’s home. Everybody inquires as to why he returned? Kamlesh says I am saving my regard from hooligan. Rajjo admonishes him, expressing I will send canine behind you. Everybody sends him.

Again in market, Kamlesh requests chaat. Happu sees him, believing its equivalent as benny told. Happu thinks imagine a scenario where that individual is female or male. Happu piches on leg, and hold Kamlesh, to take him to police headquarters.

At police headquarters, Happu says to DIG I brought Rakka. Seeing Kamlesh in saree, Manohar and DIG believes that individual is female. Happu says its Rakka, and we will torment him. Kamlesh says its me, I am acting in my school play. Happu chides him. Manohar says I am will get Rakka. Get concurs and I will toss Happu out from underneath work. Happu solicitations to give last possibility. DIG concurs, yet allows last opportunity.

Kamlesh goes to Happu house. Everybody gets some information about Happu work. Kamlesh says his occupation is flawless still. DIG actually allowed again opportunity. Kat acclaims Happu once more. Everybody admonishes Kamlesh. Rajjo asks Kamlesh not to show his face. Amma and everybody examine we want to have enormous arrangement.

Benny having drinks, when he is going to leave, Happu reproves him for giving incorrectly data. Benny says I really want to go. Happu and Benny battles. Happu says you gave me wrong data. Benny says I met him everytime. Happu asks help once more. Benny says even I don’t have the foggiest idea about his place of meeting as Rakka isn’t illuminating me. Benny says I will leave and have my all the best.

Precap:- Happu gets DIG brother by marriage rather than Rakka. DIG suspends him. Rakka shows up at Happu House.

Rajjo requests to act to great that Happu misfortunes his work. Kamlesh says Katori Amma chastened me eariler and presently will hurt me. Kat says you can definitely relax, they won’t kill you. Rajjo affronts Kamlesh, and extorts him, so he concurs once more.

Following day Katori Amma takes care of happu curd. Happu doesn’t feel better. Rajjo, and everybody wishes him. Katori Amma favors him. Everybody acclaims Happu, and he goes to get Rakka thug. Happu goes. Everybody gets blissful.

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