Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th April 2022 written update:

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th April 2022 written update on serialtalk.com

Vimlesh illuminates Rajjo about Benny telling about Rakka hooligan to Happu. Rajjo gets tense. She petitions god to save Happu.

Happu shows up in room, when Rajjo gets heartfelt. Happu gets some information about her catch. Rajjo gets more heartfelt and says she have an envious outlook on his work. She requests to leave work. Happu says simply stand by till I become ACP. Rajjo margarines him, yet Happu dreams more about becoming ACP.

Following day Vimlesh decribes about Rakka hooligan dressing style. Amma comes up with something, expressing we really want counterfeit Rakka thugs. Kat and Kamlesh shows up with natural product. Kat demands women to have it. Amma gets a thought and requests that Kamlesh go about as Rakka thugs. Kat gets befuddle. Rajjo and Vimlesh quiets down. Kamlesh attempts to deny, however Amma asks him not to meet Kat than. Kamlesh concurs.

In market Happu is taken cover behind tree when Kamlesh shows up and gets found out by Happu. Kamlesh goes about as Rakka. Happu holds him, and take him to policestation.
At Policestation Happu takes Kamlesh infront of DIG and infroms him that I got Rakka. Manohar doesn’t trust it. Kamlesh opens his character.

Happu chastens Kamlesh, while DIG chides Happu. Kamlesh says it was for school play where I am playing villian. Manohar chuckles. Happu says I will get Rakka hooligan without a doubt.

At home everybody is sitting tight for Kamlesh. Ritik, Ranveer and Chamchi says Happu will torment him. Rajjo chastens them. Kamlesh comes and illuminate that Happu took him infront of DIG, and I let them know truth. Everybody thinks Happu got dismissed. In any case, kamlesh says no, DIG gave Happu cautioning as it were. Rajjo and Amma says you are awful at acting. Amma reproves Kamlesh and asks him not to meet Kat.

Around evening time benny is hanging tight for Happu. Happu shows up with new beverage. Benny says I will acknowledge yet will not infrom about Rakka. Happu says I am not such individual. Benny says I don’t trust you. Happu says I am at great as I will not get advanced. Benny gets enthusiastic, he is going to infrom, yet Vimlesh stops him and chides benny. Benny illuminates that Rakka will come in orange saree to have chaat in market. Happu says I will get him without a doubt. Vimlesh blows up.

Precap:- kamlesh is dresses as rakka once more, whom happu holds him and take to policestation.

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