Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th April 2022 written update:

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th April 2022 written update on serialtalk.com

Benny gets some information about Happu talks. Ritik says Happu will be in benefit. Vimlesh says Happu will be advanced.. rajjo shares with benny you are ideal. Benny says I got nothing. Happu says I got requested to get Rakka hooligan and will got advanced, so let me know his area. Benny says Rakka thug is my client and I will not open insights concerning my client. Happu says you are bad laywer, as Rakka is thug. Benny says he is mine client. He takes Amma endowments and goes.

Amma takss Happu to the side, expressing not to get Rakka Goon as its hazardous, and saw long for your demise. Happu says you saw dream as it were. Amma says leave this work and does emotionaldrama.

Kat comes expressing about her great dream that you shootedRakka hooligan and got advanced. Happu gets blissful.

Katori Amma tells about her fantasy to Vimlesh, Rajjo, Ritik, Ranveer and Chamchi. She says its danergous to get Rakka hooligan. She says we want to stop Happu as she can’t see her DIL widow and kids languishing. Rajjo says its fantasy as it were. Amma says happu is worthless, yet this time he needs advancement. Vimlesh says he is energized. Ritik says however Happu is a lot of frightened yet he needs advancement, so we really want to follow through with something. Amma sincerely extort them. They asks Vimlesh to aks Benny for not illuminating about Rakka.

At police headquarters, Manohar inconveniences Happu, and he gets beaten. Manohar says I have tip of Rakka hooligan. Happu says even I have his data. Manohar and Happu get into quarrel and talks over advancement.

Around evening time Happu and Benny sits having drinkS. Benny gets his snare. Happu gets some information about Rakka Goon area. Benny says I knew it, however I can do nothing as its about client subtleties. Vimlesh asks Benny not to illuminate anything. Happu spreads Benny. Benny says I will not infrom.

Happu says Benny I generally requested that my cheats employ Benny as Lawyer. Benny says I will tell you just a single time. Vimlesh asks him not to do as such. Benny illuminates that Rakka will show up at shop wearing white dress. Vimlesh goes taking glass.

Kat does excerise, when Kamlesh shows up expressing that I am miserable as your family could do without me, they make faces. Kat says I get happy☺️ seeing you. Kat requests that he assist my family with getting appreciation. Kamlesh says whom will I help? Kat says do it and you will get appreciation. Kamlesh concurs.

Precap:- Kamlesh dressed as Rakka hooligan whom get found out by Happu. Happu takes him infront of DIG.

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