Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st April 2022 Written Update:

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st April 2022 Written Update on

TMT, Tiwari and Vibhu together outside examining about who will give us cash of government plot. Vibhu taunts Tiwari. Teeka tells Vibhu jobless are rarely regarded? Vibhu says jobless individuals are rarely regarded. Tiwari ask we are jobless not begger. Vibhu says there is a dainty line among joblessness and begger. A man come at there area in a rhythm. Teeka ask every individual who is he.

Malkhan says I think he is the individual who will give some data about conspire. Tillu says I think he is the person who will take from you. He strolls to them. Vibhu ask who are you. He says I’m Chuspa Rao. Vibhu derides him. Tiwari says don’t play with him. Vibhu says you get terrified effectively and the two of them begin contending. Tillu expresses out loud whatever are you doing pay attention to him first. Vibhu derides him once more. Chuspa says don’t attempt to act savvy and sit in this rhythm. Everybody denies to go. Chuspa says to come so get in or, in all likelihood I’ll find another person. TMT and Tiwari sit Vibhu additionally follows them in rhythm.

Angoori sitting in garden. Anu strolls to her and welcome her. Angoori request that she sit and ask how are you. Anu says I’m great yet Vibhu isn’t okay, I don’t where he is and I can’t find Chachaji as well. Angoori says he went outside infront of me he went to meet a legal advisor. Anu ask did you see Vibhu. Angoori says Vibhu and Tiwari have gone to story cash from jobless government plot. Anu tells Angoori wouldn’t you say it’s off-base since this cash is for jobless individuals. Angoori says OK and Vibhu he jobless. Anu says OK yet Tiwari isn’t why is he taking. Angoori says he let me know that he is jobless. Anu says however he have shop and says you know nothing what’s going on. Angoori ask what’s going on. Anu says everybody is a piece of debasement racket and I’ll battle against this racket and will begin from my home first.

TMT, Tiwari and Vibhu arrive at the area. Tiwari says itwas such an unpleasant ride my back is hurting. TMT begin cribbing subsequent to seeing area. Teeka says how about we ask Chuspa. Tillu go to check and says no one is accessible. A man digging the ground. Vibhu says how about we proceed to ask him. They strolls and get some information about Chuspa. Saxena emerge from material. Everybody in shock. Tiwari ask Saxena why is he here. Saxena says I love hardwork and keep digging ground. A man strolls to them and welcomes them. Vibhu ask him who are you and where is Chuspa. Chuspa strolls to them expresses I’m here. Tiwari ask what hogwash is this where is our cash. The man says let me clear the entirety of your questions, you are arriving, I have seized all of you. Everybody gets frightened. Chaturvedi strolls to them and says we are building pastors ranch house here and we really want your administration, so immediately begin working or probably Chuspa is a sharp shooter. Everybody gets terrified.

Anu and Angoori searching for there spouse’s. Prem, Master and Gupta having kulfi and examining about steers business. Gupta propose Masterji to go Moradabad and purchase spending plan well disposed cow. Ace says it’s excessively far. Anu and Angoori strolls to them and get some information about Vibhu and Tiwari. Prem says they should be tipsy and fallen some place and request that they examine Jhakar katti. Anu chastens Prem and says you can do this not them. Angoori ask Master. Ace says I saw them few days back. No one is familiar with them so Angoori and Anu gets stressed and leave.

Tiwari and Vibhu working at pastors farmhouse. Vibhu tells Tiwari voracity generally suffocate you, very much as you did, you had nothing to do except for still you joined the plan. TMT calling him greede. Chuspa comes there with Minister. Serve chides them for working sluggish and admonishes Chuspa additionally for making them work for 20hrs every day. Saxena says I’m prepared to work for 24hrs. Vibhu says he is frantic. Serve says make them work rapidly and in the event that they don’t complete in that frame of mind there hand. Serve calls Teeka close to him and request that Chuspa take Vibhus glasses and says he doesn’t merit it. Serve wear those glasses and begin at Teeka.

Manohar giving message to Happu in police headquarters. Happu acclaims Manohar. Manohar expresses gratitude toward him and says senior likewise says same. Anu and Angoori strolls to them chastens Happu says you don’t understand other’s pian. Happu says I understand however where is torment. Angoori says in my heart. Happu believes it’s acridity and ask hsr to attempt home cures. Anu reprimands him saying our spouses are missing and you are stressed over corrosiveness. Manohar says this is on the grounds that he generally have sharpness issues. Angoori ridicules him says since he is bad. Manohar says you are taking it wrong and taunts Happu. Happu ask Manohar to shutup. Anu says track down our better half. Happu aays don’t stress I can do anything for you. Anu give him cold look and Happu composes the grievance and ask who is absent. Angoori says Amitabh and Dharmendra. Happu get some information about address. Anu says style Street London. Happu request name from the individual who ia documenting report. Angoori says Aaliya Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt. Happu composes Angoori Bhabhi and Gori Ma’am. Anu says it’s Anita Mishra.

Saxena working, Tiwari and Vibhu cooking. Teeka, Tillu and Malkhan slashing. Teeka says we have just a single tomato. Vibhu says we will out it in beats. TMT cry on there circumstance. Tiwari says quit crying and change with the present circumstance. Vibhu says he is correct. Tillu ask however how long. Teeka says we will speak more loudly against it. Chuspa strolls to them and ask who will raise volume. Tillu and Malkhan point at Tiwari. Vibhu tells Chuspa no one is raising voice. Tiwari ask Chuspa for drinks. Chuspa expresses I’m here to do arrangment for chief and request that Teeka accompany him. Tillu shares with Teeka his supervisor expectation doesn’t looks great. Malkhan says you are in some hot water. Chuspa aak Teeka to come quick. Teeka says I won’t come. Saxena says take me. Vibhu likewise propose him.

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