Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 21st April 2022 written update:

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 21st April 2022 written update on

Episode begins with Mirza and Mishra does rehearse and gets ready for match. Pappu and Bittu gets aggravated and says that they are gifted utilizing stunts.

Bittu and Pappu welcomes Mirza and Mishra. He further expresses that he feels seeing them practice. Ramesh requests that they meet us on saturday. Bittu says I came to save Poor individuals. Zafar requests that he quit wasting time. Bittu says Ashiq and Majnu are neither their family, nor colleague, they are laborers and you are not permit to play other than haveli individuals. Bittu further says that Majnu and Ashiq will play with us.

Ashiq and Majnu rejects that we have a place with market and haveli, so we are steadfast with haveli individuals. Bittu says Mishra And Mirza won’t give anything in remuneration. Ramesh and Zafar gets some information about it. Ace ji gets suspicious. Bittu further adds to Majnu and Ashiq that you won’t get anything with Haveli individuals, rather they could have their seperate shops in haveli. Bittu and Pappu pay-offs them with their shops.

Majnu and Ashiq figures we will have our own shops. Ramesh and Zafar demands them both. Sakeena, Shanti and Masterji expresses not to fall in words, and attempts to stop them. Each Child makes them passionate. Ashiq and Majnu Cries and embrace Ramesh and Zafar. Bittu and Pappu gets miserable.

The two of them says we will satisfy our obligations by giving you occupations in our shops. Bittu and Pappu gets blissful hearing this. Ramesh and Zafar takes their shoe and beat them. Inam says best players left us.

Everybody feels miserable. Noor Ammi says I generally remembered to take final gasp here just and cries.

Ace ji is thoughtful.At Night Masterji makes sense of that be like Bat, who never loses trust around evening time. Shanti and Sakeena gets nothing. Zafar and Ramesh quiet their spouses. Masterji says we really want to recoginise our assets and need to deal with game, and we will win without a doubt. Noor Ammi applauds expressing observe your solidarity and dominate game. Everybody contemplates their assets.

Following Day Shanti shares with Ramesh I am not tracking down any strength. Ramesh says I am great not you. Shanti chides him. Ramesh says you are squander. Shanti tosses belan. Ramesh says I got your solidarity, as you are great at ball. Shanti gets cheerful.

Sakeena says I am extraordinary. Zafar says believe it to be valuable for cricket. Sakeena says I use to like cricket. Zafar requests that she think.

Inam and Zoya says I will play With trustworthiness. Sakeena hold Inam ears. Zafar gets clue and says you are great at balling. Sakeena gets blissful.

Shanti and Sakeena illuminates about their balling techqiue. Paro pays attention to them. She lashes out on them for ruining her cleaning. Inam gets thought to take Paro’s assistance during batting. Sakeena and Shanti asks her will she play with them.

Precap:- Families practices to dominate game. Masterji feels discouraged that they could lose match. He secures himself in room with blade. Noor Ammi, Zafar, Ramesh, Shanti and Sakeena argues him to open entryway.

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