Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22nd April 2022 written update:

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22nd April 2022 written update on

Episode begins with Ramesh requesting that Shanti hit at wicket, she misses. Ramesh moves her to hit in the event that she would be able. Shanti in agressive disposition hit at wicket. Everybody gets happy☺️ and applauds. Zafar requests that Sakeena hit ball thinking it as Inam ears. Sakeena rehearses on Inam ears. Sakeena turns ball. Everybody acclaims Sakeena and applauds. Masterji requests next player. Ramesh bats, thinking he is applying chunna at paan. Everybody asks how could he do? Ramesh expresses generally because of Masterji, who advised us to track down strength, and I observed that I continue to apply katta chunna, so I did same.

Everybody adulates him. Masterji gets some information about his solidarity. Zafar says subsequent to utilizing tea leaves, I toss them in dustbin straightforwardly. He request that Inam toss ball, he does, and zafar hits on wicket on one go, very much like hit wicket during run up. Everybody applauds and commends him. Noor says our group is preparing. Ace ji says straightaway? Inam says Paro, who is great at batting. He requests that they show. Paro asks Inam what I want to do? Inam says think Ball tip as shoe soil and afterward hit bat. Paro does same. Noor Ammi says masterji turned their solidarity for match.

Masterji requests that Zoya do wicket keeping, best case scenario. He get some information about Puja? Shanti says she is youthful. However, masterji says she want to play in group. Guddu requests that Shanti Ball. Guddu says we want 1 player more.

Noor Ammi says well we great group, presently we will win also. Ace ji says we have group however we winning is unique, and heads inside. Noor Ammi sees him shutting entryway with blade. Noor calls everybody, expressing masterji lost trust might be. They all thumps on entryway, and get down on him.

Masterji comes expressing I am making gilli, as I use to play gilli danda, I will utilize my solidarity to help Inam for opening. He likewise rehearses with group. He hits on gilli continusly, stunning everybody. Inam embraces him, expressing we got new player, and we will win. Noor says Masterji will be our skipper.

Around evening time Sakeena hears Bittu expressing take your beginning and end, and move out. She yells, she tells about her fantasy, zafar says I will slap him. Sakeena says Bittu was slapping you. Sakeena says I love this Haveli, I will lose regard and my personality. He asks her not to stress, as we will win, and he rouses her. He requests that she rest and rest so we can be revive and win match.Shanti hit ball at Ramesh. He requests that she rest, yet she says everybody is pondering match. Shanti asks would you say you are harmed? Ramesh says I am not wicket, keep persistence and resist the urge to panic. She says I will practice, and continue to hit on Ramesh.

Saturday shows up and they reach on match ground. They face one another. Bittu requests to play great, if not you will be harmed. Masterji says simply play like killing everybody, and show Bittu what we can do. Bittu ridicules them expressing we will win without a doubt. Noor Ammi shows up as umpire. She requests coin🪙, Masterji does. Bittu wins throw expressing we will ball first.

Precap:- Cricket Match go on while Mishra and Mirza balling and attempting to save their haveli.

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