Banni Chow Home Delivery 31st October 2022 Written Update:

Banni Chow Home Delivery 31st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Agastya seeing Yuvan and Tulika embracing one another. Yuvan/Kabir requests that Tulika wipe her tears and tells her he will settle everything. Agastya leaves from that point. Tulika says you’re not understanding, I landed terminated from my position and my profession is at a stake, I may not come here. Kabir says why not, you need to rely on your instinct, not others. Agastya brings out Banni. Banni asks him for what valid reason he got her out.

Agastya says I spotted Yuvan embracing Tulika that is the reason I got you here as their embrace isn’t like companions. Banni asks would you say you are frantic? She says you might see somebody as Yuvan can never see another woman. Agastya requests that she trust him yet she says she confides in Yuvan. That time Banni gets a call from a correspondent. The correspondent requests that Banni illuminate Yuvan that he will arrive at Bulleshah post at 5 pm for his meeting as his telephone isn’t coming to. Banni hearing what the correspondent expressed thinks about the thing is Yuvan doing in Bulleshah. She leaves for the post.

At Bulleshah stronghold, Kabir takes Tulika to a beautified place. He shocks Tulika by showing her the land he purchased for her to construct the medical clinic. Tulika inquires as to why he is doing it for herself and lets him know that she doesn’t have any acquaintance with him, he has twice. Kabir requests that she see his adoration. An unexpected thunder sound panics Tulika. She embraces him. Kabir shares with Tulika that he cherishes her and asks Tulika for an opportunity to permit him to come into her life to find her solutions.

Tulika looks on. He sees she is shuddering. He covers her with his jacket. Banni comes there and notification Yuvan and Tulika kissing one another. She cries reviewing everything. Tulika breaks the kiss. Banni goes aside. Tulika additionally leaves. Yuvan dozes on the table and he gets an unexpected migraine and comes to his genuine self and is confounded seeing the plans.

Banni slaps Yuvan and goes up against Yuvan for selling out her. Yuvan says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how he came here. Banni says you can’t deceive me any longer and presently I’m certain that you may gave your ring to Tulika. Yuvan says he doesn’t have a clue about any Tulika and attempts to enlighten her concerning his cerebral pain yet Banni stops him and lets him know that he can’t deceive her any longer. She says Banni’s adoration is crushed not Banni’s. She leaves without paying attention to him. Banni and Yuvan separate at their places reviewing their minutes with one another.

Tulika contemplates Kabir’s proposition cheerfully. She grins contacting her lips. She thinks whenever she first got somebody who really focuses on her agony. Yuvan fails to see what Banni shared with him. He contemplates what he did. Banni reviews her test with Hemant.

Precap – Tulika in tears comes clean with Kabir that Banni told her. Kabir remembers to make Banni leave from his life. Kabir attached Banni to a tree with rope.

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