Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update 22nd October 2022:

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update 22nd October 2022 on

Episode begins with Hemant reporting before his family that Yuvan would join their organization as Chief from tomorrow. Myra requests that Yuvan focus on his shaking star contest as well. Go goes against Hemant’s condition. Hemant inquires as to why he drinks to such an extent. Go asks how might he make Yuvan Chief.

Hemant says I did a mix-up by giving my portion of the property to Manini, while leaving for prison she made Viraj overseeing chief by giving him full legal authority why mightn’t Yuvan at any point become President? Go says Viraj knows work, in contrast to Yuvan. Hemant encourages Viraj to fail to remember what he gains from Manini for a superior future.

Go says he developed their privately-run company with his diligent effort and wouldn’t allow Yuvan to turn into a Chief. Hemant affronts Go. Yuvan attempts to meddle, however Go slaps him unintentionally. Everybody gets stunned. Charmi prevents Banni from meddling. Yuvan says he works under Viraj to learn work and he will become Chief in the wake of demonstrating his capacities. Viraj says he won his love. He says tomorrow he will set up a party to acquaint him with everybody. Yuvan concurs. Everybody feels blissful. Yuvan embraces Go and conceals his genuine aim.

On the yard, Banni envisions she is hitting the dance floor with Yuvan. She is going to trip, and Charmi holds her and prods her. Banni sees she is wheezing and she takes her inside saying she will get ready milk for herself and Yuvan. Banni sees somebody’s shadow. She inquires as to whether she saw it. Charmi says there is nobody. Go takes his portable.

The power goes off. Yuvan like a sociopath follows Go. Go gets frightened. Charmi asks Banni, would she feel terrified thinking imagine a scenario in which Yuvan doesn’t recall to you. Banni says her certainty expanded really perceiving how smoothly Yuvan dealt with the circumstance even in the wake of getting slapped by Go. Charmi prods her. Banni takes milk for Yuvan.

In the obscurity, Yuvan gets back at Go around evening time by slapping him constantly. Go falls on the floor in his tipsy state. Banni goes to Yuvan’s room and notification Yuvan isn’t in the room. That time Yuvan gets back to his room and asks what’s she doing in his room. Banni says she comes to give him milk. Yuvan inquires as to whether she remains at their place. Banni figures out how to say Devraj requested that she stay. He wheezes. Banni sees his hair is wet and attempts to clear the wetness off of his hair. Yuvan stops her and says you care for me a great deal, right?

Banni says she will leave. Yuvan says your eyes are saying you care for me a great deal. Go tells Brinda that Banni could slap him as he slapped Yuvan in the first part of the day. They go into Yuvan’s room. Brinda inquires as to whether she slapped Go. Banni denies it. Go says you might do anything for Yuvan. Yuvan expresses Banni before me and she can’t be the one. Go doesn’t trust her. Brinda powerfully takes Go out with her. Yuvan inquires as to whether she can do anything for him. She sees Yuvan’s hand is harmed. She applies cream and supposes in the event that Yuvan slapped Go.

Recap – Banni leaves blossoms plate with the abrupt passage of Yuvan. Blossoms fall on them like downpour. Hemant lets Devraj know that he don’t believe Yuvan’s name should interface with a home conveyance young lady. Yuvan requests that Banni pick his dress for the party. Banni picks him. Later at the party, Yuvan hits the dance floor with Banni, and on another side, he proposes to the new young lady.

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