Pandya Store 31st October 2022 Written Update:

Pandya Store 31st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shweta controlling Krish utilizing Chiku and requesting that he persuade Dhara to allow her to remain in the house. Krish requests that Shweta converse with Dhara without anyone else. Shweta behaves like she misses Chiku and goes to see him. She hears Rishita and Dhara’s voices and goes to the porch. She hears their discussion.

Rishita tells Dhara that Suman requested that Krish separate from Shweta. She shares with Dhara that Shweta doesn’t adore Chiku and she just thinks often about cash. She requests that Dhara give Shweta the cash and embrace Chiku. Shweta says that she really wants a house. Dhara and Rishita are stunned to see Shweta. The last option tells Rishita that she needs to address Dhara alone. Dhara reviews Rishita’s words. Dhara shares with Shweta to tell anything she desires before Rishita, as Rishita knows it all.

Shweta shares with Rishita that it was her arrangement to message Deven and live broadcast their gathering. Rishita lets it be known. Rishita says that she blindfolded her family and controlled Dhara and that she is disregarding her reality. Shweta begins to control Dhara. She says that Dhara ought to know that she’s not to blame after Rishita’s admission. She guaranteed her to correct her error, yet Rishita grabbed that opportunity from her. She asks Dhara to permit her visit in that house. She lies that she went to her folks’ home and they additionally tossed her out of the house.

She was gone after by hooligans who attempted to get rowdy her. She falls on Dhara’s leg and attempts to persuade her to give her visit access the house. She says that she conversed with Krish and he concurs assuming she concurs. Dhara makes Shweta stand. Dhara checks Rishita out. She turns away. Dhara says that she won’t take any choice connected with Shweta’s choice. She says that this occurred and she can’t win Rishita’s trust. She requests that Shweta apologize to Rishita and win her trust. Shweta is stunned to hear this. Shweta folds her hands before Rishita and apologizes to her. She asks Rishita.

The last option will not trust her. She says that she needed to uncover her. She did it. Presently her family will choose how to deal with this. She cautions Shweta not to attempt to hurt her family and takes steps to toss her out of the house. She tells Shweta that she ought to perceive how to persuade Suman and shares with Dhara that Dhara ought to perceive how to keep her in the house. She leaves. Dhara tells Shweta that she will converse with Suman the following morning. Shweta believes that Suman will likewise get persuaded as Dhara is convy. She commitments to isolate the Pandya siblings.

The following morning, Gautam is ready to come in case of an emergency. He requests the guest the expense from a Goa trip for a couple. Subsequent to hanging the call, he says that he ought to clear the contrast among Shiva and Raavi and he is even prepared to send them to Goa for that. Krish is sitting and reviewing Shweta’s words. Shiva finds Krish sitting calm and requests that he spill his guts to him. He inquires as to whether he needs to accompany Shweta notwithstanding knowing reality, on the off chance that he dislikes keeping a marriage with her. Krish says that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea, however he realizes that he needs to remain with her. He requests that he leave.

Suman is stunned to see Shweta in the house. She irately asks who let Shweta inside the house. Dhara demands Suman to pardon Shweta. Suman asks Dhara how she thought for even a second to conflict with her. She requests that Shweta get out. She inquires as to why Shweta is wearing their family support once more.

Dhara says that even her folks tossed her out. Suman inquires as to how could anybody need to keep such a young lady in their home. She shouts to Krish to contact the legal counselor to separate from Shweta. Dhara reminds Suman that she said that they ought to never discuss breaking their relationship in this family and by breaking Shweta and Krish’s relationship, she’s conflicting with her own words. She requests that Suman allow Shweta an opportunity for Krish.

Suman declines. Dhara says that Deven is behind Shweta. He grabbed Chiku upon the arrival of Suman’s birthday. Shweta was constrained to thoroughly take care of Chiku. Shweta likewise says something similar and begins her acting. She cries her fake tears and requests that Suman pardon her. She sincerely extorts Suman by putting Chiku before her and by getting some information about Chiku’s life. Dhara, Rishita and Raavi demand Suman to allow Shweta an opportunity for the wellbeing of Krish.

Dhara shares with Suman that Krish began to adore Shweta and she will demolish his life by getting him separated from Shweta. Suman consents to allow Shweta an opportunity for Krish. Suman cautions Shweta that assuming she figures out anything new about her and she double-crosses them once more, that will be her last day in the house and in this world. Shweta expresses gratitude toward Suman. The last option plainly says that she didn’t pardon her, yet just allowed her to remain in the house. Suman tells Dhara that assuming Shweta commits any error once more, Dhara needs to take off from the house alongside Shweta.

Precap: Shweta misdirects Raavi to conceal the issues connected with Arnab from Shiva to deteriorate their battle. To make a misconception among Dhara and Rishita, Shweta shares with Dhara that she and Gautam and Dhara did a good job for choosing to set aside cash by observing Diwali just to send Raavi and Shiva to Goa. Rishita hears this and contends with Dhara.

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