Pandya Store Written Update 29th October 2022:

Pandya Store Written Update 29th October 2022 on

Episode begins with Deven saying that Shweta burglarized her folks for his adoration. Dhara graps Deven by his collar and says that she won’t allow him to take even the residue from her home. She says that the police will deal with him now. She slaps Deven. She shouts to Shiva and Gautam. Deven takes out a blade and assaults Dhara. The last option’s head raises a ruckus around town and she blacks out.

The Pandyas are stunned to see this. They race to Dhara. The Pandya siblings get Deven and rubbish him, while Rishita and Raavi deal with Dhara. Shweta goes inside the house. Deven grabs Chiku from Raavi’s hand and takes steps to hurt him.

Shiva assaults Deven from behind and Gautam and Krish take Chilu’s from Deven’s hand. Shweta arrives at the corridor. She is paralyzed to see the live film of Deven and the Pandyas and Suman watching it. There, the police show up and capture Deven. The Pandyas take an oblivious Dhara inside.

Shweta attempts to control Suman. She says that she sat idle. Suman slaps Shweta. Suman asks Shweta how she thought for even a second to in any case lie. She says that they learned. She asks her family for what good reason they didn’t get Shaweta captured as well. She requests that they call the police and send her to imprison. Shweta apologizes to Suman.

Dev reminds Suman that Shweta is their little girl in-regulation now and individuals will talk assuming they send her to imprison. Suman says that Dev is stressed over individuals’ discussion when Shweta destroyed her child’s life. She requests that Dev call Shweta’s folks and advise them to return her to their home.

Suman says that Shweta has proactively destroyed her child’s life and could demolish the house. She requests that the family toss Shweta out of the house and apologizes to Krish for that. Krish says that Shweta doesn’t have the right to remain in this house and uncovers about her arrangement to take off.

Suman holds Krish by his shirt’s neckline and asks in the event that he knew reality and requests what reason he didn’t tell them. Krish says that he took in the earlier day just when she admitted it. He had just had some significant awareness of Deven quite recently. He is sorry to Suman. Rishita says that Krish isn’t to blame. Rishita says that Shweta tricked her and Krish is as yet like a youngster.

Suman hauls Shweta and tosses her out of the house. Suman will not pay attention to Shweta’s words. She requests that Krish contact a legal counselor and starts the separation system. Suman cautions Shweta not to return her grimy food to her home.

Suman requests that Krish pack Shweta’s pack and bring it. Shweta asks where she will go in the evening. Suman requests that Shweta go to her folks’ home, as they just expertise to deal with a miscreant like Shweta.

Rishita quiets Suman down. Suman laments not accepting Rishita prior and says thanks to her. Krish gets Shweta’s baggage. Suman requests that he toss it out of the house. He obliges. Shweta attempts to act blameless. Rishita quiets her down. She attacks her. Suman requests that Rishita and Krish shut the entryway.

Rishita and Krisg close the entryway all over. Shweta cries and beats on the entryway, requesting that the Pandyas open it. She says that this all happened as a result of Rishita and Dhara. She says that she needs to return to her folks’ home.

Suman apologizes to Rishita for paying attention to her prior and second thoughts consenting to Krish and Shweta’s wedding. The specialist shows up and treats Dhara. She says that she will acquire cognizance by the following morning. Suman requests that everybody rest and goes to her room.

Krish reviews all the occurrence and feels terrible. He is sorry to the oblivious Dhara. He faults himself for what occurred. Gautam says that it’s not his issue. Then again, Shweta is strolling out and about reviewing Suman’s words, then her mother’s words. She cries and says that she has no where to go.

Precap: Shweta takes a stone and hits her head. She says that the Pandyas can’t free of her without any problem. Rishita inquires as to whether she actually needs to take Shweta back to their home. Krish won’t fall into Shweta’s snare once more. He requests that she get out before anybody in the family sees her. Shweta requests that Krish take Chiku from Dhara before that. Krish quits hearing her.

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