Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 31st October 2022 Written Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 31st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Virat training Vinayak for the dashing contest. He declares that once Vinayak comes out on top in the race then Sai will leave their life. He pushes Vinayak out of his cutoff points while the last option gets harms. Vinayak continues to attempt to give his all to come out on top in the competition to do right by Sai and Virat. He likewise reviews his guarantee to Savi and declares that he should come out on top in the race to persuade Virat to take on Savi. Though, Virat gets worried for Vinayak and prevents him from rehearsing.

Omkar gives three returning tickets of Sai, Savi and Usha to Bhavani, while the last option sneers feeling that soon Sai will leave from their lives. She shows her fervor and declares that when Vinayak comes out on top in the race they will dispose of Sai. Sonali and Omkar consents to her, while around then Pakhi additionally comes there.

Bhavani gives the passes to Pakhi while the last option questions that assuming it is connected with her and Virat’s special first night trip? Bhavani denies and propose Pakhi to make the following stride in her and Virat’s relationship. She request that they stay together alongside the family and foster their bond. She additionally tell about the returning tickets of Sai and says that soon they will get liberated from her.

Virat goes into inside the house alongside a harmed Vinayak. Chavans gets worried for him while Sonali inquire as to whether he fall while running? To which Vinayak answers decidedly and says that he can’t rehearse any longer for the race. While, Pakhi gets stressed for himself and sits to really take a look at his injuries. He request to call Sai to treat him.

Pakhi gets strained seeing Vinayak’s state and was going to calls Sai to come there to treat him, when Virat stops her. He says that he can treat his child and they needn’t bother with Sai constantly. He takes Vinayak inside the room while Pakhi follows them. The last option begins applying disinfectant cream on Vinayak’s injury while the last option murmurs in torment and request to call Sai.

Ahead, Pakhi request that Virat be cautious while he answers that he understands what’s best for his child. He inquire as to whether the last option has little to no faith in him? To which Vinayak answers that he in all actuality do have confidence in Virat however he likewise confides in Sai for his treatment. He announces that the last option should have some answer for him to come out on top in the race and demand to go to her home however Virat denies to satisfy his solicitation.

Virat chooses to take Vinayak to the police instructional course and inquire as to whether he needs to be like him, to which Vinayak gestures emphatically. He likewise reviews Savi’s advantage in cops and chooses to educate her. In the mean time, Pakhi takes Virat to another room and defies about his way of behaving, to which the last option tell her about his and Sai’s discussion. He says that it’s better for Vinayak to avoid Sai.

Further, Savi gets worried for Sai in the wake of seeing her state while the last option conceals reality from her. Savi cheers Sai while the last option grins and tells that Savi is her solidarity. In the interim, Vinayak calls Savi and tells about the instructional course. She gets invigorated and request to show up with him. He gives the telephone to Virat while she demands to show up with him. Virat attempts to deny her by coming up with certain reasons however she announces that she has no issue.

Precap:- Virat gets into a battle with Jagtap and holds his collar. He broadcasts to show him a thing or two while Jagtap uncover reality to him about Savi being his little girl. Virat gets stunned and moves back from Jagtap. Though, Sai chooses to leave the city alongside Savi. She was going to get inside the train, when Virat comes there and holds Savi’s hand to prevent her from going. In the mean time, Sai and Virat takes a gander at one another and the last option gets stunned.

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