Woh Toh Hai Albela 31st October 2022 Written Update:

Woh Toh Hai Albela 31st October 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Dadi giving medication to Rishi when Kanha and Sayuri comes there. They asks what happened when Dadi says that Yash hit their child in regulation all since they gave do such significance to him. Rishi imagines like requesting that she let it go.

They request Saroj and Dadi says that a relative is harmed and she went with Rashmi to deal with them while Sayuri would deal with things there. They get stunned yet concurs. Dadi sends them in to prepare.

Sayuri is going to wear an old saree when Kanha gifts her a saree. Sayuri commends him for getting her saree regardless of such issues in the life. Kanha says that regardless of what he had his needs set. Sayuri proposes him to wear the saree and show her and Kanha obliges. Sayuri prods him and they share a heartfelt second.

Rishi comes to Kusum and contacts her however Kusum wriggle under his touch. Rishi inquires as to whether she cherishes just Yash’s touch. Kusum asks what’s he talking about as she’s his significant other. Rishi says that her’s attempting to play circle of drama and abuses Kanha and Sayuri. Kusum cautions him to not insult them.

Rishi flies off the handle and asks where did she get the voice to raise against him. He sees a doll and inquires as to whether she made it for Sayuri’s narrows and he tears it tinto half. He compromises her to get the container loaded up with gems on the off chance that she believes nothing terrible should occur. Diwali pooja begins while Kanha and Sayuri begins doing arti followed by Rishi and Kusum who harms Kusum’s hand while taking arti.

After arti Kanha and Sayuri takes Dhanraj and Dadi’s gifts. Dadi proposes them to take Kusum and Rishi’s endowments as well yet they didn’t oblige. Rishi requests that she let it go as regard should come from heart. Dhanraj offers to give them gift cash for Diwali. Kanha is energized as no measure of procuring can match it. He and Rishi get a cover while Kusum and Sayuri gets two. He gives one to Rishi as well. Dadi saya that Saroj filled gems in the case prior to leaving and requests that Kusum get it. Rishi gets cheerful hearing it.

Dadi surrenders the crate to Rishi. Afterward, Rishi goes to offer the gems to a goldsmith for cash. The individual checks the gems and considers everything counterfeit. Rishi flies off the handle as he gets offended. He promises to pursue retribution from Kanha and Sayuri. Meanwhile, Nakul asks Kanha and Sayuri that how could they left Rishi take the gems. They uncover abput over hearing Saroj and Ksum’s discussion and trading the gems with counterfeit one. Nakul acclaim them.

Precap: Dhanraj gifts Saroj’s grandma’s gem too Sayuri while Indrani gifts Sayuri’s dad’s kangan to Kanha. Rishi watches them stowing away as both Sayuri and Kanha pledges to protectnthem with their life. He makes an arrangement.

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