Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 15th November 2022 Written Update:

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sandy shortlisting contender for the post of secretary. She says that Vedhika needs to keep watch on Smash and update about her. Priya reviews when she went about as Smash’s Dad once. Sandy and Priya gets a thought a t a similar time.

Smash comforted the lady in the washroom and is profoundly impacted by her. Smash gets blossoms and he believes it’s from Vedhika. Vedhika texts Smash who expresses gratitude toward her for the lilies. Vedhika knows next to nothing about it and contemplates whether it’s sent by Priya.

Smash ponders who sent it. Priya sees as Sandy battling with hairpieces and gets some information about it. Sandy requests that she pick a look so she could go to the meeting for Slam’s Dad. Priya is befuddled and Sandy passes on requesting that she require some investment to choose. She reviews Smash arguing her to not leave him at any expense as he can’t survive without her and Pihu.

Slam calls Priya and reprimands her for not picking the call. Priya says that him neglects to save cash for his medication and consequently he’s likewise reproving her. Smash apologizes her and needs to return the cash and Priya consents to meet him.

Nandhini comes to Smash and thinks that he is occupied. She recommends to invest energy with Vedhika yet Slam says he has meeting. Nandhini concurs and leaves while Smash asks for what reason did he lie about the gathering. Sandy is getting ready for meeting while Priya is getting wearing an alternate clothing.

Shuham comes to Sandy and cautions her to not outmaneuver Nandhinia nd Vedhika to keep her work. Sandy controls herself. Vedhika spots Sandy messaging Priya about the gathering and she alarms Nandhini as well. Nandhini says that she has another arrangement. Priya comes to Krish who giggles at her for her outfit. Priya says that she don’t get one more opportunity to come near Smash. Pihu hears their discussions.

Smash is in gathering with Sandy, Vedhika and Shubham. Shubham presents Sandy as recently employed individual and she makes sense of about a venture which could make issue for angler . she says that they would dissent as it could influence their work.

Vedhika and Shubham doesn’t care about it however Slam thinks about their circumstance. Unintentionally, Sandy snaps Shivi’s image and Smash begins requesting Shivi as he didn’t meet her from the hour of his mishap. Vedhika causes him to talk with Nandhini who lies that Shivi is doing Gems configuration course in US on his demand.

Smash concurs and cuts the get down on while Vedhika calls Sandy. Smash meets with Priya in bistro and talks about Shivi. NAnadhini attacks Sandy for not thinking often about Smash’s psychological circumstances. She ends Sandy.

Precap : Priya battles with Slam as their relationship began with a battle. Slam helps Pihu who tumbles down and calls her beta.

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