Swaran Ghar 15th November 2022 Written Update:

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Swaran calls Chandni her sister from one more mother for anything that she accomplished for her. She gives her credits for Nakul’s a medical procedure as well. Chandni says that she just returned Yug’s approval. Swaran sees her sack. Chandni requests that she not think about what’s inside it.

Chandni gets some information about Ajit’s condition. Swaran illuminates her that Ajit has answered as of late and that she needs to proceed to meet him. Chandni requests that she go as she is there to deal with Saroj and Balli as Yug is there to safeguard her. Chandni calls auto.

Swaran embraces her. She cries and says thanks to Chandni. They ask each other to deal with themselves. Police searches for Chandni. Swaran leaves. She sits in auto and appeals to God for Nakul and Ajit’s expedient recuperation. She remembers to make Ajit wear consecrated kada, feed him Prasad and make him converse with her.

Police show up at Jai’s place to look through Chandni. They neglect to track down her and leave. Swaran shows up there. A cop detects her however comes up short follows her. Swaran gets Chandni’s call. She tells Swaran that Saroj has requested that she set up her number one dishes. She looks for Swaran’s assistance to choose what to make. Swaran wishes to come however Chandni requests that she not.

Swaran advises Chandni what all to cook. She expresses gratitude toward Chandni. The vegetable dealer perceives Chandni and illuminates police about her. At medical clinic, Balli acquires cognizance and searches for Swaran. He calls Saroj and gets some information about Swaran. She says that Swaran has gone market to purchase stuffs. Chandni shows up at Swaran Ghar. Saroj requests that she cook at the earliest opportunity as she is ravenous.

Balli wishes to converse with Swaran. Saroj puts telephone on speaker. Balli inquires as to whether she missed him. Chandni says that she missed him more in the wake of purchasing unpleasant gourd from market. Saroj blows up. Balli requests that she not meddle. Balli inquires as to whether she needs to go to Nainital or Shimla for special first night.

Chandni wishes to show him great illustration for disturbing Swaran. Chandni says that she is feeling bashful. Saroj requests that she cook as she is eager. Swaran takes care of Prasad to Ajit. Ajit answers. Swaran petitions God for him. She enlightens him regarding bringing two kadas from Gurudwara one for him one more for Nakul.

She attempts to make him wear the kada yet his hand falls. Swaran cries and requests that he awaken. She applauds Chandni infront of Ajit and expects her prosperity. Chandni serves food to Saroj. Saroj says that she will kick Bebe, Nakul and Yug out of Swaran Ghar and make Swaran her house keeper.

Saroj snickers. Chandni mirrors her and feeds her strongly. Ajit wakes up and moves his hands. Swaran attempts to cause him to sit yet fizzles. Swaran feels that Ajit needs to wear the kada. She makes him wear it and expectations that Ajit will get restored now. Saroj acclaims Chandni’s cooking abilities and eats everything.

Chandni gives fiendish grin as though she has accomplished something naughty. Saroj feels aggravation in her midsection and runs towards the washroom. Swaran calls Chandni God’s sent for them yet fears about her wellbeing. Chandni appreciates food while Saroj continues onward and emerging from the washroom. Chandni snickers. Ajit’s body shakes and he tumbles from the bed. Swaran sees him and gets stunned.

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