Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 14th November 2022 Written Update:

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 14th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Slam getting blazes of Priya and he doesn’t focus on Vedika. Vedika tumbles down erroneously and leaves upset. Smash thinks who is coming into his psyche over and over. He understands Vedika isn’t there. He goes to converse with her close to washroom. Priya investigates the mirror and cries. She says she can’t be powerless as she rouses Pihu. She accepts Slam will have returned to her and they will live cheerfully ever later.

Smash converses with Vedika from the opposite side of the entryway. Priya hears him being close to home. Slam says he is upset for harming her, he again neglected to spoil her. He says they are intended to be together and they have fallen head over heels for the subsequent time and it’s extraordinary. He says Vedika generally whines that he doesn’t give her hanky when she cries.

Priya thinks Smash generally used to give her bandanna at whatever point she got mournful. Smash continues to converse with Vedika and requests that she eliminate her hair locks from her face somewhat. That’s what priya does. She gets pleased and Smash says he can hardly hang tight external the women washroom for long else women will get him wrong. She grins and he feels glad that Vedika giggled on his joke interestingly. He leaves giving her rose and tissue.

Priya tells Sandy that Slam was conversing with her reasoning she is Vedika, it happened on the grounds that they are associated with one another. They will turn out to be together consistently. Pihu hears stories from Sandi and Pihu figures she will meet her dad like it occurred in the fantasy. Smash meets Vedika and inquires as to whether she is here then who he was conversing with in the washroom?

Vedika says she was sitting tight for him outside. She sends him home saying his mom is debilitated. She meets Priya and cautions the last option to avoid Smash, she says she will wed him on his birthday. Priya says Vedika can do nothing as Priya will meet her dad come what may. Vedika leaves indignantly. Pihu is going to meet Smash close to his home however his mom comes and says she can’t meet Slam else he will kick the bucket. Priya says she doesn’t need that by any means.

Slam’s mom says specialist doesn’t maintain that Priya or Pihu should meet Smash. She calls Tarun and requests that he drop Pihu home, she additionally educates Pihu to not tell concerning their discussion to anybody. Smash’s mom says she won’t allow Priya Pihu to approach Slam.

Pihu conceals reality from Priya and Priya thinks she needs to contact Smash for the good of Pihu. Vedika calls Sandy and advises her to organize five Dad possibility for Smash. Slam’s mom says Smash was stressed for her wellbeing and it was smart thought given by Vedika. Vedika says she was amazed to see Priya in the café. She adds she will employ the Dad for Smash and the Dad will give her all the data in regards to him, where he goes and whom he meets. She will control his life.

Precap – Priya takes on the appearance of Dad up-and-comer and comes to his home in mask.

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