Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Nimmo asking Kabir to take prasaad to Pummy’s house, but Kabir refuses. Guneet says that they will take it when they will go to the puja and says that Kabir work hard in the shop. Kabir says that he saled clothes of worth 10k. Family gets happy. Biji says that shop got his future owner. Kabir says that he won’t sit in the shop for his lifelong.

Amrita is in call with Saroj. She assures that doctor said everything is fine. Saroj asks to talk to Nimmo to confirm. Nimmo says that doctor said that the delivery can happen before the given date. Guneet says to Kabir to not drink alcohol as he may need to give blood to Amrita during delivery. Amrita says that they have time for her delivery. Kabir jokes and Guneet beats him. Nimmo says to Saroj to make Amrita understand that to not take unnecessary worries and says about Amrita selling Karen’s bond.

Kuljeet hears this as the phone is in loudspeaker. He asks Nimmo about this and Nimmo says that Kabir lost his job and they hadcto pay the advance money in his office. Kuljeet asks when and how. Nimmo asks to leave that and asks why Amrita had to take tension over it. Amrita takes the phone and assures Kuljeet that she’s fine. Kuljeet asks to talk to Guneet.

Amrita gives the phone to Guneet. Kuljeet asks Guneet to let them do Amrita’s delivery as Kabir lost his job. Dadaji asks Guneet what happened. Guneet assures that Kuljeet that they will manage. Kuljeet asks how they will manage, when they don’t get good revenue from the shop, Angad joined the job recently, Kabir lost his job and Amrita sold the bond. Kuljeet refuses to hear Guneet and begs to send Amrita with him and he will come the next day. He asks to not take him wrong and disconnects the call.

Guneet says to the family that Kuljeet doesn’t trust them, he comes to take Amrita the next day for delivery. Amrita and everyone get shocked. Pritam is chasing Naveen friend. He gets hit by a car and falls down. Vishaka gets down from the car smirking and offers her hand to Pritam. Pritam gets up by himself. Vishaka says that she wants to talk to him and complains that he blocked her number and asks if he hates her that much. Pritam refuses to talk. Vishaka accuses Pritam of having an affair with a woman and shows America’s phto. She asks that he took Amrita to care home to meet Rahul.

Pritam says Amrita went to the care home. Vishaka says that she met Amrita in the care home. She asks if she hasn’t come with him, she was following, he hasn’t told about Rahul to her. Pritam recalls Amrita’s words. Vishaka says that Amrita has come to the hospital as well and doctor said that her delivery can happen soon. She asks Pritam if he hasn’t ashamed to have with Amrita too. Pritam shouts asking to shut up. Pritam says that Amrita is widow to not drag in this. Vishaka says that’s why she was easy to convince. She sings a romantic song. Pritam holds her neck in anger.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 23rd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Vishaka shouts asking him to kill her and Rahul. People sees them. Pritam leaves her neck. Vishaka says that she should have thank him for giving her another point to use against him in the court. She will show all photos in the court and will call her to the court as well then she will see how he will get Rahul custody. He’s finish. She says that Amrita has become choudhary.

Angad scolds Nimmo for telling Saroj about Kabir losing his job. Kabir asks them to phone Kuljeet and refuses to send Amrita. Soni blames Kabir. Kabir says that he admitted his mistake what else he can do, should he hang himself or leave the house, he did job for the family. Angad shuts Kabir’s mouth. Biji asks Angad to calm down. Nimmo blames herself. Guneet says that they won’t send Amrita.

Nimmo agrees with him. Dadaji says that they should Amrita with her father as they don’t have money. He says that they should think about Amrita and her baby instead of our prestige. Kuljeet and Saroj will take good care of Amrita. They can only borrow or sell things for money. Biji agrees with Dadaji. Amrita comes there and asks Dadaji what he’s saying.

Amrita says that this is her house and this house happiness and sorrow also hers. She refuses to go to her parents house and wants to talk to her father, but Biji stops Amrita. Bini says to not fight with her parents for them and asks them to go with her them. Dadaji says that her parents are also relations to them. If stays here and they fail, he won’t be able to bear it. Dadaji caresses Amrita’s hair and leaves.

Pritam is drinking alcohol recalling Vishaka’s words. His friends try to stop
Pritam. Manoj asks what the need for Amrita to follow Pritam, she gave a proof to Vishaka. Nothing says that Amrita has no idea how Vishaka is and she will get dragged in this. Pritam says that he will ruin everything if Rahul gets snatched from him. His friends ask him to stay here. Pritam warns to not come between and points gun at them.

Amrita refuses to pack her bag and go to her parents house. Dadaji says that he talked to Kuljeet and he is coming. Amrita says that she will talk to him directly. Nimmo asks Amrita to leave her stubbornness and leave. Guneet, Angad and Biji also ask Amrita to go. Guneet and Angad ask Nimmo to go with Amrita. Soni says to take Kabir with them too. Nimmo agrees. Angad gets Pammy’s call. Nimmo says that she doesn’t want to go the puja. Amrita asks Nimmo to leave. Biji and Soni decide to stay back with Amrita. Amrita asks then to go and pray for her and baby. Guneet says that a male should be stay at home. Amrita says that Kabir will come. They agree and leave. Amrita hug Biji.

Precap: Pritam shouts at Amrita for following him. Amrita gets labor pain. Pritam lifts her in his arm. Amrita slaps Pritam.

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