Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 23rd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Pritam’s friends making fun of him after learning what happened in Sakhujas’s house. They say that family first teased him then did his first aid. Pritam says those who aid are better then those who hurt. Navin asks if hasn’t impressed with Amrita. Another friend asks if he intentionally hurt himself to get treated. Pritam chases his friends. They fall on the lawn and laugh.

Pritam gets angry when his friends joke about Amrita. Pritam says that Amrita is a widow and pregnant and warns to not make such ugly joke. His friend apologizes to him. Naveen asks Pritam to leave the matter. He says that they’re happy for him as he gets the care and love there. That house is lucky for him. The other friend says that he got a family he always wanted. Pritam recalls Sakhujas care. Pritam asks if there’s any clinick nearby to get tetanus injection. He says that Amrita taunted him. Pritam friends laugh.

Nimmo sees Amrita cooking and asks Amrita to go and rest. Nimmo says Soni to cook hereafter. Dadaji and Biji agrees with Nimmo. Amrita says that she is doing any heavy works. Nimmo says that her delivery is in 15-20 days. Angad arrives there and says that Nimmo is right, what’s the need to go to the kitchen. Amrita agrees to not go to the kitchen. Guneet comes home dragging Kabir by holding his hear and says that he was finding Kabir everywhere, but he was eating gol gappe.

Nimmo scolds Kabir. Kabir says that he doesn’t know to fold the sarees. Dadaji asks Kabir to learn it and says that he will teach him to wear saree. He asks Soni to bring a saree. Soni obeys and gets a saree to Dadaji. Dadaji wears the saree explaining how to do. Guneet says that Dadaji forgot how to wear, he will demonstrate. He also wears a saree. Pritam arrives there and sees this.

Amrita and the family claps. Guneet and Dadaji notice Pritam. Guneet says that they’re showing to Kabir how to wear saree. Pritam asks iif Kabir will wear saree hereafter. Kabir complains that they did his insult in front of Pritam. Amrita denies it and says that Kabir should wear the saree to show to the customer. Pritam jokes and they all laugh. Kabir asks Pritam to leave.

Pritam says that this house should be announced as museum. Amrita asks what he has said. Amrita and Soni come to Pritam. Pritam asks why she is behind him always. Amrita says that’s it’s not the right way to talk. Pritam says that she talked to him in this way when she called him down. She threatened him in front of all. Soni asks about his wound. He says that he’s fine and says that he got tetanus injection. Amrita jokes. Pritam says that she doesn’t believe and searches in his pocket and shows the proof. Amrita jokes again and says that she has told it for his goodness.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 22nd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Krishnakant is laughing. Meera asks why he’s laughing. Krishnakant says that the placement agency has sent Kabir’s CV to him for job in his company, he returned saying to never send his CV. Meera says that he helped Angad to get a job and asks to do the samesame with Kabir. Krishnakant says that Angad is talented, but Kabir useless.

Divya arrives there and says that she’s worried about Naveen. He hasn’t come out of his room. He is scared and asked if police has come when she went to his room. Krishnakant and Meera get shocked and goe to check him.

Naveen is on a call with his friend and asks him to give him drugs. His friend asks to give him cash. Naveen agrees. Krishnakant, Meera and Divya arrive there. Krishnakant asks if he’s fine, Divya told that he hasn’t come out of his room. Naveen says that he’s fine. Meera says that they’re his family and asks to share if he has any problem. Naveen says that he has realised his mistake and assures that he’s fine. Krishnakant feels relieved and hugs him, but Meera isn’t convinced.

Nimmo notices the first aid box and asks if anyone got hurt. Soni says to change Pritam’s bandage. Nimmo says that Angad will do it and asks her to write the list. Amirta comes and says that she’s ready. Biji asks where she’s going. Amrita says that Nimmo taking her to the hospital. Nimmo says that Amrita had stomach pain last night. Biji asks them to leave, she will handle.

Nimmo asks why Pummy has informed them all of a sudden about the puja in their house, they have to do all the work. Biji asks them to leave. Pritam comes down. Soni asks Pritam to change his bandage. Pritam receives Navin’s call. Navin says that they can’t catch the boy in the photo, but his friend is coming to get drugs. Pritam says to find from where that boy usually gets drugs. Navin says that there is a bad news, RDS is going to get sold and if that happens, they will get exposed. Pritam says that he will come. He leaves.

Doctor assures Nimmo that the baby will fine and does Amrita’s check up. Pritam’s ex wife, Vishaka comes there and clicks Amrita’s photo through the glass door. The nurse catches Vishaka and asks what she’s doing here. The doctor asks the nurse who is outside. The nurse says that her patient’s relative. Nimmo says that she’s Amrita’s relative, who else is outside. The nurse asks Vishaka if she has taken doctor’s appointment. Vishaka says that she is searching for her husband and leaves.

Pritam and his friend catch the boy, who has come to buy the drugs. Pritam asks the details of the drug suppliers and his friends details, who has come to the party. He shows a photo and asks who he’s. The boy says that he’s Naveen and runs from there. Pritam and his friends chase him. Vishaka sees them.

Precap: Vishaka argues with Pritam showing Amrita’s photo. Pritam comes home drunken and shouts at Amrita for following him. Amrita gets stomach pain and cries. Family rush to her.

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