Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 22nd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Nimmo saying to Biji that Soni is acting differently from last night. Biji asks Nimmo to forget about last night incident. Amrita agrees with Biji saying that Soni also forgot it. Guneet comes back home and says that Kabir is missing. Nimmo says to Amrita that this is the reason she scolds Kabir. The maid asks whose undergarment it’s. Other hand Pritam is searching his undergarment that he put to dry. Family discuss whose undergarment it could be and Pritam sees this. The maid says that she got it from the terrace.

Amrita says that then definitely it belongs to any men of their family. Guneet says that they check the undergarment size to find whose undergarment it’s. They all joke and laugh. Pritam comes there and asks what’s the problem in that garment, they’re discussing about it from long time. Dadaji says that it’s Pritam’s undergarment. Biji and Dadaji make fun of Pritam saying that he wears torn undergarment and all burst out laughing.

Pritam gets offended. Soni asks them to stop laughing and asks Pritam to take his undergarment and laughs. Guneet asks Pritam to not get angry, they’re just joking. Nimmo says that Pritam is at fault, he should dry his clothes separately. Pritam agrees and leaves. Family laughs.

Meera is recalling Naveen recent acts and wonders what happened to Naveen. She hears some noice and asks who is there. Kabir comes and closes Meera’s mouth and releases her after she assured him to not shout. He says that he has come through the balcony so that her dad doesn’t see him. She asks why he has come here. Kabir says that he feel suffocated to work in his dad’s shop and requests Meera to help him get a job like her dad helped Angad.

Meera laughs on seeing his antics and says that Angad is talented, but he’s a fraud. Kabir says that he saved from falling in office, he requests Meera. They get shocked Krudhnakant calling out Meera. Meera asks Kabir to hide behind the door. Krudhnakant arrives there and asks Meera with whom she was talking. Meera lies that she was talking over phone and phone was in loudspeaker. She was talking to the doctor about Naveen’s changed behavior.

Krishankant says that he doesn’t know what happened to Naveen, he pushed her down. Krishankant wants to discuss sitting in the balcony. Meera says to go down as she wants to drink coffee. Krishankant says that he will make coffee and leaves. Kabir says to Meera that she lied to him, Naveen gave her this injury and asks where he’s.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 21st-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Meera says that Naveen is her brother and asks him to stay out of their family matter. Kabir says that Naveen got spoiled after her dad become rich and scolds him. Meera warns him to not speak against her brother and asks Kabir to leave. Kabir pleads to talk to the boss for his job. Meera agrees and asks him to go out from the way he has come.

Pritam is fixing nail in the wall to dry his clothes separately. Shakujas get disturbed with the noise. Pritam is angry as Shakujas had a long discussion about his undergarment and gets hurt. Soni goes to check and says to her family that his finger is bleeding. Shakujas ask Pritam to get down to do first aid, but he refuses. Amrita scolds Pritam for not listening to elders and orders him to get down. Pritam finally agrees to come down.

Meera’s boss refuses to reappoint Kabir in his office. Meera tries to convince him saying that he met Kabir’s father and he was sad. The boss says that he got disappointed more after meeting his dad and his brother, who are corona warriors. Kabir is a fraud and he is a stain to that family. Meera tries to defend him, but the boss says Meera can also leave if she supports Kabir. Meera apologizes and leaves. Meera phones Kabir and says that the boss refused and he got more angry after meeting his dad and advises to work at his dad’s shop for some time.

Amrita treats Pritam’s wound. Biji says that Amrita is the doctor of their house, she treats if anyone gets hurt. Pritam looks at Amrita while she’s doing his bandage. Amrita says that it’s done and advises to not do any work in anger else he will hurt himself. Pritam says that he understood and thanks her. Dadaji says that Pritam can dry his clothes on their stand in one side and asks to put a sticker on its undergarment to avoid confusion.

Dadaji jokes about the undergarment. Amrita says to Pritam to change his bandage the next day. Soni asks him to tell her, she will change. Pritam says that he will get changed. Nimmo says Pritam to not forget to get the injection. Amrita says that he won’t. Pritam glares at Amrita.

The episode ends.

Precap: Amrita has come for a check with Nimmo. Vikasha clicks Amrita photo, but the nurse catches her. The doctor asks the nurse who is outside. The nurse says that her patient’s relative. Nimmo says that she’s Amrita’s relative and asks who is outside. Vikasha gets tensed.

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