Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 21st-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with the Sakhujas asking Soni what happened. Soni says that in the party… Pritam cuts her saying that nothing happened in the party, but the driver of auto in which she has returned home, misbehaved with her, but he saved her in time. Family gets shocked. They thank Pritam. Amrita asks why she returned home alone, she could have called Angad.

Nimmo asks if anything happened in the party. Soni denies it and says that she got bored in the party, so left. Dadaji asks them to not question Soni and takes her to the room. Amrita obeys. Angad thanks Pritam. Pritam goes upstairs. Guneet says that’s why he didn’t want to send her to the party. Dadaji says that Soni returned home safely by God’s grace.

Pritam gets Nithin’s call. He gets vexed learning that the person they have to catch escaped. Nothing asks Pritam why he left in the middle. Pritam asks to leave it and disconnects the call. Pritam says that her plan got flopped because of Soni. He denies it and blames himself, he asks what’s the need to safe her, if it continues like this, he can’t do anything in life. He asks himself to be focused.

Soni sees the news in her phone. The news reporter says that those who were cathed by police in the party had drugs. Soni says that if Pritam didn’t save her, she would have been a part of this coverage and dad would have to come to bail her. Amrita comes to Soni nad asks where she’s lost. If she stays sad, Nimmo will question her more. Amrita asks if anything happened in the paty. Soni denies it. Amrita asks if she enjoyed the party. Soni says yes, everything was fine. Soni says that she is tired and asks Amrita to sleep. Mom ordered to sleep with her today. Amrita agrees.

Kabir requests Angad to find a job for him in his office. Amrita asks Angad to help Kabir. Kabir says that Amrita told his boss is doing a start up for his daughter through him and asks to get a job there. Angad says that Rima won’t tolerate her. Amrita asks who is Rima. Angad says that her boss’s daughter. Nimmo and Guneet arrive and say that Kabir will sit in the shop with Guneet. Kabir refuses. Nimmo says that shop is correct for a useless like him. Kabir says to Guneet that mom is calling him useless. Nimmo gets angry. Amrita asks Kabir to sit in the shop.

Angad says that Kabir can’t find a job. Dadaji comes and says that Kabir is talented. Kabir hugs him. Dadaji jokes asking Kabir to rob the bank with his friends. Dadaji then scolds Kabir. Kabir requests Amrita that he wants to do job. Amrita says to apply for job handling the shop. Guneet says that he will free him from the shop when he will get a job.

Meera and his family are having breakfast. Naveen joins them. He cracks a joke. Krishnakant reads in the newspaper that police raid a rave party and narcotics catcheed few boys and girls. Krishnakant says that Malhotra’s son is also got arrested. Meera says that he’s Naveen’s friend and he goes to his house too. Naveen gets angry and leaves without having breakfast. Meera calms down her dad saying that they will talk to Naveen later. Diviya asks if Naveen was also there in party, he was afraid when he returned home. Meera says that Diviya is right, they have to find where was Naveen last night.

Pritam is washing his clothes. He sees a piece of paper home care printed on it. He recalls a FB. Pritam pleads with his wife, Mishaka. that their divorce will affect Rahul. Mishaka says that she will snatch Rahul from him as he loves him. She will take revenge on him by taking Rahul with him, so that he will suffer. Pritam says that he will see her in the court. Mishaka says that court supports women. He will lose everything, his money, his job and Rahul. She will won. FB ends. Pritam says that he lost everything, but he won’t lose Rahul.

Soni comes to Pritam and thanks him for saving her last night. Pritam asks her to forget what happened. Soni says that Pritam is a nice person. Amrita says that it’s Pritama and Soni’s voice and goes to check. Pritam says that he won’t tell anyone and asks her to stay away from such friends else she and family will get trapped. He asks anything else. Soni returns Pritam’s jacket. Amrita sees this. She goes down stairs seeing Soni coming down.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 20th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Amrita glares at Pritam and levaes. Pritam wonders what he did. Soni recalls Pritam saving her and cries. Amrita comes to Soni and asks what she was talking with Pritam. She asks why she is crying, if Pritam said anything. Soni denies. Amrita asks what the matter is.

Soni asks if she won’t tell anyone. Amrita assures that she won’t. Soni tells what happened in the party. She requests to not tell anyone and even Pritam wanted the same Amrita hugs Soni. Soni says that she went to thank him and return his jacket. Amrita says that Soni should not tell this to anyone and believes Pritam won’t tell to anyone too.

Precap: Pritam gets hurt in his finger and Amrita aids him.

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