Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 20th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Sakhujas playing antakshari. Guneet goes to the kitchen and hides the alcohol and comes and sits with his family. Dadji goes to his room to drink alcohol and finds the bottle empty. Biji comes there and catches him. Dadaji asks Biji to steal Guneet’s alcohol bottle, but she refuses. They both go and sit with family and continue the game.

Amrita and Nimmo get suspicious on seeing Guneet looking again and again towards the kitchen. Nimmo goes to the kitchen and finds the alcohol bottle. Biji comes there and they both argue that it’s Guneet’s bottle and Dadaji’s bottle. Biji realises that Guneet has stolen Dadaji’s alcohol bottle. Nimmo asks to whom she should give it to which Biji says that to no one and smiles.

Angad and Kabir notices Dadaji and Guneet whispering something and say to tell openly if they aren’t interested to play. Dadaji asks Guneet to say where he has hidden his alcohol bottle. They both make an excuse and go to kitchen and don’t find the bottle where Guneet placed it. Dadaji asks if he lies to his own dad. Guneet denies. Angad, Kabir come and ask if they are playing musical chair, no one sit in their place. They all come back to the hall.

Amrita says that they will do their own party. They play music and dance on the song aaj ke party. Other a boy tries to misbehave with Soni. The latter pushes that boy. Pritam sees this. That boy gets angry. He graps Soni harshly by shoulders and asks who allowed such middle class girl like her in this party. Soni calls her friends. Her friends try to release Soni from his grip.

Pritam signs his friend and the latter takes that boy away. Soni gets scared and wants to go home. Her friends apologizes to her. Naveen gets a phone and learns that cop is going to raid this place. He informs his friends and they run from there. Pritam informs his friends the work is done and asks them to follow them.

Pritam asks Soni to go home, but Soni refuses and says that she will complaint to her family about him. Pritam forcibly takes her from there and makes her sit in his car and he also sit in the car. Just then police jeep arrives there and arrests people. Soni gets shocked on seeing this.

Naveen family gets worried for Naveen and wonders why he hasn’t returned home. Suddenly Naveen comes there afraid and closes the door. Krisnakant asks what happened, where he was. Meera asks why he was afraid. Naveen says that he was alone in the restaurant as he was feeling guilty to push Meera. Krishnakant asks how he dared to push his sister. Naveen says that he was disturbed as he lost his friend’s money fifty thousand shocking the family. Diviya says that Naveen is lying.

Naveen says that he’s saying the truth. They say that he could have told them, they would have returned the money. Meera asks if he has any other problem and asks to tell them, so they will sort it out. She asks whose his friend. Naveen says that he sorted out the issue as he returned the money. He says that he’s feeling sleepy and goes upstairs. Krisnakant asks him to go and sleep. Naveen thinks that he got saved in both places.

Pritam stops the car and covers Soni with his coat and drives off again. Nimmo and Biji blabber shocking Guneet, Dadaji, Angad and Kabir. Amrita notices the alcohol bottle and says that they both drunk the alcohol. Dadaji argues with Guneet asking why he keeps alcohol at home. Guneet says that they drunk his bottle. They all laugh.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 19th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Amrita says that Karan used to make her drink wine without their knowledge and they used to go to the party when they all slept. Amrita jokes and they all laugh. Dadaji asks to bring Soni home as it’s too late. Just then Soni comes back home. Amrita asks how was the party. Soni cries hugging Amrita. Family gets worried. Amrita asks what happened. Pritam comes there. They all look at him shocked.

Precap : Soni is about to tell the truth to Amrita, but Pritam cuts her and lies that the driver of the auto in which Soni returned misbehaved with her. Krishnakant reads about the raid in the party in newspaper. Divya doubts that Naveen is also present in that party. Naveen gets nervous.

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