Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 20th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Chavans busy preparing for the pooja. Shivani ask Samrat when Virat and Sai will come she is unavle to wait, he says that they are on the way. Bhawani tells them to finish things fast, Omkar taunts that we are doing these arrangements for Mahabhog or for Sai, Sonali also taunts them. Samrat tries to calm down and ask them to be positive, Karishma taunts Samrat that we have to show positivity as we cannot expect positivity from Sai.

Sonali ask Karishma to not to let Sai stand on their head. Mohit comes inside drumming inside. Shivani is happy to see Mohit, everyone is happy to see him. Mohit ask about Sai, Karishma taunts him that her husband is more consern about Sai then her. Sonali ask Karishma that her husband came after such long time so bring something for him to eat.

Virat and Sai are coming back home, Sai gets flash back of leaving the house. She ask about her luggage to Virat, he tells her that they have already bought her luggage. Sai looks at the road and thinks about how she was leaving, Virat tells him that he can understand as she was running from him and going back to same house with him. Sai ask Virat now which face he wants her to see, Virat laughs on her.

Virat car stuck in the jam. While waiting for the crowd to move, Sai saw the boy see have seen that day before accident. She opens the car door and went to look for him. Someone ask Virat to move his car, now he cannot find Sai. Sonali taunts Karishma that she didn’t know how to do things properly. Samrat ask Mohit to help him in decoration. Sai is looking for that kid in the crowd. Ninad show concern why they are so late, Omkar taunt that if Sai is there so things can go properly, he says that she should not take her discharge today. Shivani stop Omakar and tells him that he is not supporting them, he says that he gives money to this house.

Bhawani stops them and ask to keep pooja for Sai. Sonali says that they kept pooja fo Palkhi and Samrat that was there first pooja after marriage but if they keep pooja for Sai and Virat then that will be a waste. Virat gets down of his car and looks for Sai. Sai is not feeling well in the loud music, she finds the kid and goes to see him. Sai is not feeling well. Virat ask the crowd to stop the music for some time. Sai remembers how her accident happened and faints down but meanwhile Virat comes and holds her. He tells her that why she have to leave the car in this condition, she tells him that the kid is same one. The kid parents thanked Sai and tells to Virat that the girl who can save a stranger, how loving she must be. Virat then thanked them again started the music, when he throws colour in the air it goes and spreads on Sai head. Virat picks up Sai.

Precap- Virat and Sai comes back home, Virat takes Sai for some rest. Ashwini tells him that Sai will take rest not in their room but in a separate room and aslo tells him taht she will stay there only.

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